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Trick to change facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes (working trick 2016)

Trick to change facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes (working trick 2014)

Facebook pages is the best social networking site for the best Marketing media today. It helps to build up relationships with business and communities. An attractive page name will help to attract more people to do this job. Anyone by now can create Facebook page easily without doing much effort.Create a Facebook page and promote Facebook page is really not a difficult task anyway, anyone can do it simply. But the problem is we always face many Problems On Facebook because some restrictions so called facebook Policies .And I personally hate these type Of policies about changing Facebook page name 2016.

7 month ago i created a Facebook page blacklisted which has more than 20k likes now.Now I want to change Facebook Page name but when i go to Facebook page Setting to Change my Page Name it doesn’t allow me to do so. I cant change My own Facebook page name. I searched On the internet and found many articles on Trick to change facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes but none of them worked for me. But here we have a trick to change Facebook Fan Page profile name after 200 Likes.

So here is a trick to change name of a fan page with more than 200 like as given below:

Trick to change Facebook Page name more than once (Working trick 2016)

METHOD 1: Trick to Change Facebook Page Name after 200 Likes using Zenmate Extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

You just need a Desktop,Fingers for typing,Google Chrome Browser,and yeah Internet connection too.Just follow this Steps to Change facebook Page name After 200 likes

  • First Open your Google Chrome Go to  Chrome web store website
  • Search for Zen Mate Extension And download and Install this Extension In your GOOGLE Chrome Browser.
  • For Mozilla Firefox you can add Zenmate Plugin
  • Register Yourself Using Correct email address and New Password .
  • Now Open Email Client And Verify Your Email address.
  • After Successful Registration.Close Your Google chrome Browser and open it Again.
  • Now tap On Zen mate Extension And Change your Location to United State.
  • Now login in Your Facebook Account and Navigate To your Facebook Page.
  • Click on Setting Then Page info.Now Change Your Facebook page name and Save.
  • It takes up to Five Minute To appear New name.You will be Notified When Your Facebook page name will be change.
  • If you want want premium Zenamte extension for life time you can read my previous post on it

MTHOD 2: Trick to Change Facebook Page Name after 200 Likes using Hola Extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Google Chrome browser and Click on this link to install HOLA PROXY
  • After installing HOLA PROXY extension in Chrome, now open Facebook.com in same browser.
  • Now click or press the HOLA EXTENSION ICON situated on top right side of the browser.
  • Select the country as USA (United States of America) Show in image below:
  • Now your location is being changed to USA
  • Once your location is changed to USA server, your facebook page will be refreshed. Now you are required to enter your Facebook credentials.
  • After login, navigate to your desired page (having more than 200 likes) which you want to change the name
  •  Click on update info -> click on edit name
  • You can see a new option there “Request Change” which previously was not available.
  • Do right click on it and open it in different tab (Open in a New Window)
  • A form will appear “I need to change the name of my page”. Tick on “I understand the formatting guidelines for may Page’s new name”
  • Now fill your desired Facebook page name (to Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes 2016).
  • You can see an option “Why you want to change your page name”. Here I am recommending you to select the option “I am re-branding my page” from the drop down menu.

METHOD 3: Trick to Change Facebook Page Name by Translating name of Facebook fan page

This step involves changing the name of your Facebook page. For doing so, you need to press on the “Translated Name” tab which further displays 4 languages to choose from. You need to choose any one of the languages and type in a new name for your page, next to this language’s text box along-with the language’s symbol at the end (as displayed below).

METHOD 4: Change Facebook Page Name by Setting up a proxy on Google chrome and in Mozilla Firefox

One of the useful recommendations is to use a Japan proxy “” . The reason for doing it, when we try to connect with proxy, chances are that your internet connection sometimes becomes pretty slow, which defeats the main purpose and it becomes difficult to remain connected. Japan proxy is one of the fastest proxy because when connected with proxy your internet connection might become slower- for list of Japan Proxy.  Following are the steps given below that needs to be followed for setting up a proxy in Chrome. For proxy setting in Mozilla go to Mozilla Firefox>Option>Advanced>Network>Manual proxy configuration

  • Start by opening up Google Chrome and clicking on the settings tab. Type “proxy” on the search bar. You can also paste the following phrase on the address bar of Chrome “chrome://settings/search#proxy”.
  • Click on the tab “Change proxy settings” this will lead to a popup called “LAN Settings“ click on this option to enter it.
  • Next step is to click on “Use a proxy settings for LAN”. Use this along-with the IP “” and port “8080“.
  • Restart Your Browser>Open Page>Update Page Info


This guide was about “Trick to change facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes ?”. Our blacklitshackers team is 101% sure for Changing and renaming Facebook Page Name After 200+ Likes . Still,if you have any doubt on  “Trick to change facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes” left comment down here.We shall try to answer as soon as possible and also if you have found this trick helpful and worth reading content then do share it with your friend circles.

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