Upmost Best 10 Extensions Ever for Google Chrome in 2013

Google chrome is one of the finest and maximum broadly used web browser these days. In arrears to its fast, safe, easier and secure web browsing proficiencies, it’s fetching extra prevalent. The browser is completely customize capable and you can add custom themes and install thousands of extensions available in chrome web store totally free of cost. Her are the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions in 2013.


1.Google Dictionary


It is one of the best Google chrome extension, after adding this extension to your browser, you can get the definition of any word just by double clicking and the definition will appear in a small popup. Also the full definition of the word can be seen by clicking the tool bar directory. It also has a capability of translation into other languages and translate foreign language words.

More information here.



2.Turn Off the Lights


With this cool extension, you can will have an option to fade the entire page to dark and you will be able to watch videos as if you are in cinema.  Awesome video watching extension for people who love to watch movies and videos online. Just by a single click on the lamp button, the entire page will be fading to dark and automatic focusing to the video. You can just make the screen come to normal by clicking anywhere on the page.. It supports multiple videos sites including YouTube.

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3.Pic monkey


Pic monkey is a free online image editing website. By installing free Picmonkey extension for Google chrome, you can instantly grab and edit web images. Just click on the Picmonkey icon while viewing the website and this extension will automatically grab all images from the webpage and the screenshot of the entire page will appear in the sidebar. Select the picture to edit and that’s it. By using pic monkey extension, you can easily crop, rotate and add amazing effects like frames, overlay etc.

For more information about this extension, click here.


4.Facebook Lite


This chrome extension is specially for addicted Facebook users, you can read your Facebook news and wall posts, share them with your friends, chat with others etc. It’s a simple and easy to use extension.  The extension comes with Auto zoom capability, by which the photos will be zoomed just by hovering over them. Easily check your Facebook Inbox and like any webpage by using your Facebook account.

Get this extension by clicking here.

5.Chrome Youtube Downloader


Downloading YouTube videos now became easy by this Chrome extension. There is no more worry about How to download Youtube videos. Just install this extension and download your favourite videos from Youtube in different formats which includes FLV, MP4,720p HD Quality, 1080p HD Quality, Mp4, Mp3 and many more by a single click.

More information about this plugin here.


6.SEO for chrome


This extension is purely for webmasters and bloggers. You can check Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stats of your websites,blogs easily by installing this extension. It provides tools that will make your daily SEO tasks easier. This is one of  the most popular Google chrome SEO plugin. It provides information about Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research,Backlinks checking,Page Rank checking, Social Media stats, Indexed Pages in different search engines, Traffic stats, Organic search stats, Robots.txt availability , DNS server and whois details.

Install this extension by clicking here.


7.Screen Capture by Google


If you want to capture screen shots, this extension is for you. This extension is from Google and by using it, you can take screen shot of visible content of a webpage, or a selected region of a webpage or the whole page in PNG format image. It also supports scrolling. Also it allows you to edit captured image before saving it. Highlighting and adding text in captured images before saving them is very easier by this extension.

Get this plugin by clicking here.

8.Right Inbox Gmail


Right Inbox Gmail is a small and application which integrates itself into Gmail after you authorize it. It adds extra features in your Gmail including

  • Schedule Email – Set a future date for sending the email and the mail will be delivered automatically on that specific date and time.
  • Email reminders – Add custom reminders to emails and Mark important conversations.
  • Email Tracking – Get an instant notification when the person reads your email
  • Click Tracking – Get notification when the person clicks the specific link in the email sent by you.

Get Right Inbox Gmail extension here.



9.Chrome Time Tracker


This extension keeps a record about how much time you spent on various websites.  It detects the person activity by the movement of cursor. The awesome feature is that it will automatically pause the timer when the person is not there on the keyboard. So, you can now use this extension and give proper time to your daily tasks on the internet and work more efficiently.

Get this extension by clicking here.


10.Offline Gmail


Its another application for Google mail service and by using this extension, you can read, search, check responded to details, archive emails without internet connection. It will automatically loads messages and perform queued actions when the internet connection is available.

Install offline Gmail plugin by clicking here.


Feel free to comment below about these Google Extensions.

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