List of Top 10 App must have in new Android device

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy loading up my Samsung Galaxy SII with all sort of applications; useless ones I’m never gonna need and some very important ones. Some of these apps will work quite well on non-rooted Android devices and some need root access to fully function. I consider them what every Android device should have because I personally use them: While some of them are utilities to increase productivity, others are simply for fun. I used these apps on a rooted Jelly Bean 4.1.2 so you should check their compatibility with your device.

1. Titanium Backup

I believe you must have heard of this app or came across it somewhere before. This is possibly the most popular backup application for Android out there and if you really care about your device, you should install it. It needs root access to work properly and you may check this article or this post on how to root your device if you haven’t. This app lets you back up your apps and everything on your phone and it’s integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive. It needs root access to function and available for free at Play Store.

2. ES File Explorer

Some Android devices come with a file manage but if yours don’t have one, you can check this out. I rarely use the file manager feature because this app does much more than that. It lets you back up installed applications to .apk packages. Even if you downloaded the app from Google Play, ES File Explorer lets you get the .apk file and save on your SD card. It’s a cool way to package a downloaded application to an apk file and send to your friend through bluetooth on the go. It’s got other features like task killer and cloud storage client.

3. DU Battery Saver pro

After the first few days of getting an Android device, I saw that the battery life is too short unlike my iPhone. You need a good application to manage power consumption on your device and I found DU Battery Saver Pro to be very effective. There’s a free version of this but the pro version does much more.

4. Apex Launcher Pro

You probably won’t be needing this but I’ll still include it anyway. There are lots of launchers available at Google Play and some of these eat up your RAM. I tried a couple of them including GoLauncherEX that needs more plugin to be downloaded before settling for Apex Launcher pro. This app entirely changes your entire homescreen and lets you customize it to taste. You can have more apps on your scrollable dock, add cool transition effects, install great looking themes. In short, it the best app to customize your phone’s UI. There’s a free version and as expected, there are limitations you may not really like.

5. iPhone Keyboard Emulator

Being so used to iOS default keyboard that lets me type at a hundred word per second without any mistake (just kiding), trying to get used to the awkward keyboard on my Android device got me typing all sort of rubbish all the time. Although Perfect Keyboard Pro isn’t yet a replacement for the iPhone keyboard I’m already used to, it’s much better than the default keyboard and has a better autocorrect and word suggestion. I chose to stick with iPhone Keyboard Emulator since I’m already used to iOS keyboard layout and the word completion feature too makes sense. The pro version has no ads but you may check out the free version if you don’t feel like paying.

6. Smart App Protector

I really don’t like it when people pick up my phone and start going through my stuffs without permission. Some even pick up your phone and start reading your SMS… annoying, huh? Smart App Protector lets you lock selected apps you don’t want people accessing. It prompts for a password each time you try opening the app. You can lock installed apps as well as messages, phonebook and the rest.

7. Startup Manager

Just as the name suggests, this application lets you enable/disable apps that startup with your mobile device when turned on.

8. CleverConnectivity

This is another battery saving application that cleverly manages your connections like Wi-Fi, 3G and it’s got a sync manager you should find useful. Also, this app lets you manage connectivity for each application o your device.

9. MovieTube ull Movies

I already said some of these apps are just for fun. If you love movies, you will appreciate this app. Enough said.

10. Firefox

 You have it already? Then it isn’t for you. If you’re still using your default browser, this is the best browser there is for your Android device. The switch I made to Google Chrome a while ago was mainly influenced by my inability to use Firefox on my iDevice but with this cool Droid, syncing my open tabs, bookmarks, browsing history between my computer and mobile device just got better with good old Firefox.
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