Tips And Tricks For 4.1 Android Jelly Bean Users

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android 4.0, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.Most Android users do not know a lot about the hidden features Phones. We are today the best Android phones you will tell you the secret android tricks and hidden features, which share an article. Different versions of Android versions, so try all the tricks android, android set up to support a variety of tricks. I am not sure it is going to work on your handset.

1) Force Reboot:

Several times in the android users in the event of your Android phone is frozen, you can reboot using an Android trick, the freezing of the mobile phone experience a problem.

Just press the volume key + Home Button + Power button at the same time.

2) Quick access to Google:

The Internet is primarily built for the Android phones, android users, many Android phones in just a single click we can access Google search did not provide a way. The trick to use android,

Press the Menu key and hold it for a couple of seconds, it will launch Google search.

3) Android restart in Safe Mode:

Such as computers, we can reboot in safe mode in Android phones. The latest android jelly bean version if something goes wrong, which provides an option to reboot in safe mode.
On your Android reboot in safe mode, follow the instructions given below.

* Long press the power button
* Long press on the selection of power.

We have an Android phone android phone and restart in safe mode, then disabled all 3rd party applications, reboot in safe mode will show a confirmation message. We usually restart my phone to re-enable these applications. 3rd-party application that may be a problem for you when you want to, in this case, to a great android and you want to hunt.

4) The face recognition unlock Android phones:

In this version, you jelly bean, face recognition can unlock your phone by using the plot to cool android, android Android phone, this feature is more secure unlock using face recognition offers a way by which, added to the jelly bean version, we have to unlock the phone, such as the face, such as eyes that blink android phone to unlock only when there is enough for another layer of protection. Sparkling eyes, and it is a live person using an unlocked position, not an illegal attempt android notifies the security system.
To activate this,

Settings> Security> Screen Lock> Go to Face Unlock.

5) Get detailed information about the phone:

We just # * # ** # * # 4636 dial phone information, battery information, usage statistics and WiFi information can be obtained as the detailed statistics

On the use of the battery, DNS check, ping, time of application to get details about an easy-to-use time and is USSD.

6) SD card android apps Move:

Android apps installed on the SD card is a good idea, but what if you want to install apps on your phone’s memory. Android phones, which we offer a way to move apps to SD card, do not worry. Apps to SD card, follow these steps:

Go to Settings> Application Settings> Manage applications> Select the application, you can select the “SD card” Move to see.

7) Hard reset and factory reset your Android phone:

This comes in handy when selling Android phone android trick. Android phones can be formatted in two ways:

Factory reset
Hard Reset

A) Factory Reset: Factory reset, in the format that your phone is factory level. Go through all of the default settings and all data will be deleted, meaning the interior. Factory reset the phone, dial * # * # 7780 # * # *.

B) Hard Reset: Hard phone, dial * 2767 * 3855 # to reset all data (including internal and external SD data), as well as eliminating the Android phone settings. If you are not sure, the purpose is not to try to test the code. It will not ask for a confirmation.

8) android in the context menu:

Long press on the screen, Android phones, you can customize additional options will show. This is somewhat similar to the menu on the right-click context menu is the most operating systems.

9) on the android phone for taking screen shots:

 Android phones we could take a screen shot without using any 3rd party application that provides a great feature. However, another version of the screenshot android tricks are an android version.

Press the Home button + Power button (this trick to work on most Android phones.)
For Galaxy Nexus: Power Button + Volume Down button.
Swipe the screen to take a screen shot of your palm: for the Galaxy Note 2 and S3.

10) Android Version animation:

This is another cool android plot to play with your Android phone.
The trick to use android, go to Settings> Phone> Tab repeatedly about the ‘Android version’ on.
After some time, Android version will be shot.

If you are a jelly bean android user, then you can check out the tricks of the jelly bean android users 5 secret

On Android tricks you to think, kindly comment in the box below for your valuable comment.

Quickly, now Google ‘to launch

Google has now jelly bean is one of the main highlights – Android OS update’s growing; customers at the right time to provide the required information and search for information in an attempt to save them, especially at the last moment. Now that Google started as soon as you (or you’re using other apps) can use it right from the home page.
Trick: (with the logo printed on it), pop out of the semi-circles with a white long-press the home page, which prompts you to enter. Drag your finger on the side of the logo and voila! Google has now launch almost immediately!
Tip: Alternatively, you can also return to the main page applications DRAWER button or press the button, and the same action (Google logo on the side of your finger and drag it) again.

To get rid of unwanted ads

Jelly bean of Android is a trademark slide down the notification bar. Quick warnings, with the selection, deployment, and a preview of some of the ads – but, it has a number of interesting changes.

Tip: You can also just swipe sideways, then, a statement from time to time in the notification bar does not want to be bugged, and you will be able to relax a specific ad, and if you continue to work.

Easy to use Face Unlock

Face unlock your mobile devices, more and more Android devices in terms of the individual making one of the best things to do. Jelly Bean Face Unlock feature ‘Liveness check’ adds the option. Now, unlock your device, you do not have to deal with only a camera, but also the ‘blink’. It is a static photo of the owner to unlock it who can unlock the device by holding the true owner, and an imposter, will testify. Now this I call a good safety feature!
Tip: In case the Face Unlock feature because it fails to detect a blink, alternatively, set an unlock pattern, you can always design (set) can be used to unlock your device.
Taking screenshots in a jiffy

Jelly bean rooting your device, or download and use without the need for third-party applications on the activity has a built in screen.
Trick: If you want to take a screenshot, only the ‘volume down’ button and the ‘power buttons’ together and taking a snapshot of the screen on your device (in your ads), you will be notified. After this, you can easily edit and even share the screen.

Deleting an application

Deleting an application for Android devices, it editable and then appeared on the screen, the ‘trash bin’ to the drag the icon has become a symbol of long-users need to press. Not anymore!
Trick: If you need to remove your device from any application, just long press and then throwing it up. If you were to take this action, your application will be deleted.

Change the text to speech option

With Google has now – jelly bean is one of the most prominent features of the text-to-speech feature that has become more and more powerful. If you wish to use this feature, however, then you can turn off this feature only.
Tip: Settings> language and input> Voice Search> Go to the speech output. ‘Speech Output’ option (only available in hands-free mode) Toggling you, or text-to-speech feature allows off on.

This is an Android Jelly Bean on the device you want to use the basic tips, some. You can also search for various websites, more and more of these tips and tricks and use them

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