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Trick Increase the size of Taskbar Preview Thumbnails in Windows 7

Taskbar thumbnail showings are extremely advantageous in Windows 7, but for some users they may be too insignificant.  Here’s a tool to help you make your taskbar thumbnail previews just like you want them.

Let’s get started

Download the Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer (link below), and unzip the files.  Run the Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer when you’re done.  Simply double-click on it; you don’t need to run it as administrator.

Now, you change the size, spacing, margin, and delay time of your taskbar thumbnails.  The Delay Time setting is very handy; to speed things up, we set it to 0 so there’s no delay between when you mouse-over a taskbar icon to when you see the thumbnail.  Simply drag the slider to the size (or time in the delay settings) you want, and click Apply settings.  Windows Explorer will automatically restart, and your new taskbar thumbnails will be ready to use.

Here is the default Windows 7 thumbnail preview of a video playing in Media player:

And here’s the taskbar thumbnail enlarged to 380px.  Now you can really watch a video from your taskbar thumbnail.

The larger taskbar thumbnails show up a little different in Internet Explorer.  It shows a larger preview of your active tab, and smaller previews of your other tabs.  Notice also that Aero peek shows the tab you’re hovering over in Internet Explorer, but the tab name in IE’s toolbar doesn’t change to the one you’re previewing.