3 Tricky Tools to Download Facebook Photo Albums

A lot of of us pass time on Facebook just for the sake of exchanging photos with old friends.

Keeping your private photos and sharing them with your friends is one of the most popular Facebook features.



Today’s post shares three tricky tools to download your and your friends’ photo albums:

1. PhotoGrabber: Download Photos of Any Friend (Desktop)

PhotoGrabber is a desktop application that makes it easy to download all Facebook photos of any of your friends. This could be a good app for social media monitoring of your child’s photos, for example.

Just have the app installed, give it access to your data on Facebook (through Facebook authentication) and choose your friend in the list. You can:

  • Download all photos where your friend is tagged in;
  • Download all albums that contains your friend’s photos;
  • Download all albums uploaded by your friend;
  • Download comments and tagging information of the photos:



When you select the destination folder, give it some time and all photos will soon be downloaded.

Download PhotoGrabber: Mac / Windows

Note: If you are unable to download ALL photos where you are tagged in, it’s probably the default privacy settings to blame. A Facebook application with a user’s credentials has different permissions than the same user accessing Facebook from a browser. The people who have uploaded and tagged pictures of you are probably blocking applications from accessing their information.

2. Fluschipranie: Download Your Albums (Firefox)

Fluschipranie is an experimental plugin for Firefox 4 that requires no restart to be installed.

Once you have it installed, browse to “Your Albums” on Facebook and right-click on your album link and notice “fluschipranie Download” option:



Now, give your photos a “base name” (your downloaded photos will be named “base_name_01″, base_name_02″, etc.):



Note: There’s an Opera extension to be launched soon.


3. Download Facebook Album’s Photos as HTML page (Google Chrome)

This Google Chrome Extension is another nice way to download all Facebook album photos (either yours or those belonging to any of your friends). It works via a toolbar icon:

  • When viewing photos on Facebook, click the button;
  • A new page will be created listing all photo thumbnails;
  • Use CTRL+S shortcut to save this page (together with linked images);
  • The destination folder will contain this page + a separate folder with all listed photos