How to Download torrent file in school,colleges..etc

In the previous article, we have discussed about  how to hack website using XSS Attack keylogging now today ill teach you how to Download torrent file in school,colleges. This site is tested in colleges like DIT University, GEU, GRD, UIT, etc.

Run Torrent in any BLOCKED network

Students of most of the college suffer from the disease of not downloading movies | games | any data from torrent sites.

Most of the college use Cyberoam. Cyberoam is a vendor for information security products and services .It is highly secured internet client and it blocks all the types of proxies like http,CGI, socks(4/5), Ftp, high anonimity. There are also many other clients which provide such kind of services. Even in Corporate world ,companies use these vendor’s to block some sites like FB,YouTUBE etc…

A new way to use torrent in cyberoam security:-

So no need to go anywhere just follow the instructions given below and you’ll be able to download any thing from torrent using utorrent or bittorrent client.

Steps to download torrents:-

STEP 1- First of all download a torrent(hacked) software by clicking on the following link:-

Click Here

After you have downloaded it install the software in your computer. The name of the software installed is “torrent2exe”. When the installation gets completed you will be asked whether to make this software as your default torrent file downloader or not. Click on ‘yes’ button. This will set “torrent2exe” as your default torrent file downloader.

 STEP 2– Search for a torrent site which you want to work with. As this site might not be accessible in your network, in order to open its proxy site go to my previous post- How to unblock-block sites such as facebook in colleges,school?

After landing on this page select the first option named as “Unblock Facebook Proxy” and enter the URL of the site you want to unblock in the box given below.

 STEP 3– Once you have unblocked the torrent site search for your file in it. You can work with any desired site. I preferably used “torlock.com”.

STEP 4– Download the searched file. The file will start downloading automatically in the software “torrent2exe”  as it is already set as your default downloader. Once the downloading process is completed you can access your file.

This method is tested by me and will definitely work if you will follow the steps correctly.

You can thus enjoy the benefits of free wi-fi facility in your college/ school even though you are denied to access the much required and used sites by you.

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