How to make a Single name Facebook account

Facebook ensures not permit single name ID. So if you still want to make a single name ID

Trail these steps:

This Trick is working In “Mozilla Firefox” so try it on Mozilla. Firstly Change your Browser Proxy Manually use one of the proxy from below given.

HTTP Proxy:-

PORT: – 8080

Step 1 : go to Settings of Mozilla Firefox and then choose Network.

Step 2 : Fill the proxy from the above list as shown below and then Save Your Settings.

Step 3:  Now Open your Facebook
Account. Change your language “English” (us) to “Bahasa, Indonesia“.

Step 4:  go to Account Settings in Facebook Then Simply remove Your Last Name and Save it…

Now Your Facebook Account is only with First Name without Last Name…

Step 5: After Completing all steps “remove Manual Proxy” and select “use system proxy” settings and change your language back to “English (us)“.

Note:- Firstly open your Facebook account settings then change proxy because sometime after changing proxy there will be error in log in account, Please Don’t Forget to Remove Proxies after Using.
So if you want to enjoy this tricks for long time. Always Remove Proxies

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