Wi-fi Authentication Error in Android (Fixed) Working

Google shows tons of people with authentication errors on android tablet wifi connections but no solutions. All across the web people are saying they have random WiFi authentication problems with android tablets but that’s not the reason. So in this article i’ll give you the complete solution and this one is tested by me.

Different ways to fix Wi-fi Error in Android

Method -1 : By Reloading Your Wi-fi Drivers This is the Best Way to Fix Your Wi-fi Error Simply by Reloading all Your Wi-fi Drivers Again.Generally this Kind of Wi-fi Error Occurs Due to Corrupted Drivers therefore it is better to Reload Your Wi-fi Driver Regularly to Make Sure that Your Wi-fi Connection Works Properly. Related Content –HTC Wildfire S Rooted [Hacks]

How to Reload Wi-fi Drivers in Android Devices ?

  • Open Your Dial Pad and Type  “*#*#526#*#*”
  • That’s all and Now You will See a Message ‘Driver loading successful’ as shown below in the Image.

Wi-fi Error in Android

Note – If You Don’t See the Message “Driver loading successful” and Instead of that you see “Driver loading unsuccessful” then Try the Below Steps

  • Open Your Dial Pad and Type  “*#*#526#*#*”
  • Here Click on Options and Select Rx
  • Next Select Channel 9 and Click on Start
  • That’s all and Now You Can Enjoy Wi-fi without any Error

Wi-fi Error

Method – 2 : Using Wi-fi Fixer App If You don’t want to be Technical to Solve this Wi-fi Error in Your Android Smartphone then there is Simple Alternative Option For You By Using Third Party Application Known as Wi-fi Fixer.Unlock Security Lock Pattern for Android This is a Free App that will Fix All Your Wi-fi Related Problems.Download Wi-fi Fixer App and Fix Wi-fi Error in Android.

Wi-fi Fixer

Method -3 : By Cleaning the Device Cache Sometimes this Wi-fi Error is Easily Fixed By Just Cleaning or Removing Your Device Old Cache Completely.Wi-fi Error Occurs Through Old or Corrupted Cache therefore Clean Your Android Cache either Manually or Using Cache Clear Android Top Paid Games for FREE (Hacked).I will Recommend You to Use Cache Clear to Clear Your Device Cache it will Also Improve Your Android Smartphone Performance too. Cache Cleaner

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