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How to run VLC on Backtrack 5R3-OS


BackTrack -Is a Linux distribution distributed as Live cd or Usb for penetration testing.BackTrack provides penetration testers a comprehensive collection of security related tools, support live cd and live usb and permanent installation also.BackTrack provides Mozilla, Pidgin, K3B, XMMS .You can create personalized distributions by including customizable scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels. BackTrack includes many well known security tools Like NMAP, KISMET and many more.

Yes as we all know that Backtrack is a security OS but after doing all the interesting works at times we need some Break and to entertain I watch Movies and Running VLC initially didn’t do anything , so i ran typed “VLC” in Terminal and Found this :

So the above message is very clear , that running “VLC” in “root” is not allowed , but there has to be a way to run this and i will explain that procedure. We will edit /usr/bin/vlc and replace geteuid with getppid ,lets use vim to do that ,

Step-1: First install by typing apt-get install vim-gnome

Step 2: Then type gvim /usr/bin/vlc

edit-vlc.png @ Userbar | Free Image Hosting

Step 3:  Find and Replace geteuid with getppid

Save and enjoy, dont forget to comment below…!!

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