Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook – 100% Working Auto Like Trick

From lot of research finally i found to get Get 250+ Likes in Facebook . Are you still Tired Of Waiting For The Persons To Like Your Status? Want(Or Pretend) To Be Famous Person In Your Group? To be true it is everyone’s dream to be the most famous person on facebook.

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Getting more no. of likes for your status and photos show your popularity. Facebook is the most feminist website where only girls get loads of likes. You might have thought that there is no way of getting too many likes on facebook and still dreaming about it. If you are such a person, you have come to the right place.

So here is how you can get 1000+ Likes in Facebook :

  • Visit here to ensure that followers are enabled.
Step 1
Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook – 100% Working Auto Like Trick Step 1


  • Ensure that you have set ‘who can follow me’ to Everybody.
  • Create a status. (which will receive likes)
  • Get access token from here
  • Wait for 5 sec

step 22222

  • Accept Apps Permission and click okay (If Required)
  • Copy the link (Ctrl+A) in the address bar provided-which is your actual ACCESS TOKEN

Step 3

  • Final Step: Enter your ACCESS TOKEN and Confirm it!Step4
  • Enter your Status ID
  • Wait for likes ( Dont refresh it until you receive any error from liker)


How to get status ID




NOTE: Some time adf.ly doesn’t work and been shown as banned, but don’t worry refresh it and it will again be working perfectly.

Since this project is 90% solo-run, It’s requiring a lot of work from me, meaning that it’s currently sat on my s**t server…

So if you feel like you’ve enjoyed this website, then please feel free to ask question so that we can improve it further,  such as general design, auto-followers, auto-comments, more accounts(paid) and so much more!

Thanks a lot, enjoy the site and spread the word!

Don’t forget that the more people that use it, the more likes you’ll gain!!!

Video Tutorial:




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