Make WhatsApp Free For Lifetime!!

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app which allows you to send and receive messages and share photos, videos etc. And due to these features WhatsApp is gaining popularity day by day.As a matter of fact WhatsApp Holds 200 million + monthly active user,which is quite Bigger than twitter Active users!! As a report , It sends over20 billion messages per day, that is approximately doubles the messages carried by Facebook.But as you may know that it can be used free for only 1 year and after one year you have to pay 0.99$ for each year in Android..But in iOS you have to pay money even for first year! WhatsApp Messengeris available for most of higher phones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia! Today i am publishing this article with hope that this will help my readers.

WhatsApp Is Quite Popular these days and almost no android or smartphone user uses without it

So Now Without Wasting Much More time lets have Look On this amazing article 😀


1—Android phone…
2—Gmail installed…
3—Whatsapp installed…

Methods To Make Whats App Free For Lifetime

Step 1-Uninstall whatsapp,if your trial version is finished,or you want to extend it for a year.

Step 2-Go to gmail application and create a new gmail id.

Step 3-Once you have made it,wait for some time (it totally depends on your connection speed,ideally you should wait for 15-20 minutes)

Step 4-Go to google play,click on the menu button of your android and choose “Account Settings”.

Step 5- Once you have done this,you just need to choose the new gmail account,you just created,anddownload whatsapp once again.

Step 6- Now open whatsapp,and sign into your whatsapp account.

Step 7- Enjoy!! 🙂

NOTE:- This way you will make it free for one year,to make it free for lifetime,you will have to apply this trick once every year .

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