How to Spy on any Android

Most of us like to know what others are doing secretly. Putting head into others privacy is not a good practice however using these spy tools for monitoring your kids and relatives are better options. I’ve seen posts on various applications for spying on androids, many cost money, well I believe I have personally found the best! This application is absolutely free, and allows you to:


See EVERY text message sent and received

  • Track GPS location at a given interval (The GPS location is also tagged for EVERY event: Phone call, text received, website visited, etc.)
  • See entire contact list
  • Automatically record EVERY phone call*
  • See every website visited
  • Grab all details about phone status/make/model
  • View all MMS picture messages (Includes the pictures!)
  • View all WhatsApp messages


  • Turn on the microphone as a remote listening bug!!!

This can be incredibly useful to even install on your own phone. Ever wish you could go back and listen to a phone conversation? Curious where you were when you received a certain text message?

All it requires is physical access to the phone for about 90 seconds:

For Spying on other Android Phone you have to follow these simple steps

Step 1: Open their web browser on the Android (works on almost EVERY android)

Step 2: Go to: (Helps to open a tab in incognito mode to hide your tracks)

Step 3: Create an account (It helps to do this from a computer first to make the process faster)

Step 4: Click the “Download tab”

Step 5: Click the link to download the file

Step 6: After a few seconds, drag your finger from the top of the screen downward to bring down the main menu and
Click the file you just downloaded

Step 7:  Enter your newly created username and password

And BOOM! Your done! Now just log onto the same website from any computer or phone and BEHOLD! ALl the logs for your viewing pleasure

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