Download top 10 FREE best SPY apps for Android

best SPY apps for Androidbest SPY apps for Android

Do you know your Smart phone decives especially android os users have some brilliant features like Tracking, Spying a locations and many more, it act as an application which has helped the society to control the ongoing crime rates. Before i proceed to the  full article i want to try some of the apps mentioned below. Spying on someone is really a bad thing and its illegal which may put you in serious trouble with law. Yes, there is apps out there which will allow you to snooping and find out who has been calling someone, keep an eye your partner or checking if your kids are being honest with you using an android phone.

Best SPY apps for Android
Best SPY apps for Android

Note: We are not responsible anyway if you get in some trouble.

If you are a spy you need not to buy any expensive tools for that, you just need to have an Android device and can use some brilliant apps. So in this article I am sharing some excellent and extraordinary apps for Android users, which will help you in tracking devices and help to spy if you found something going fishy around you. Try out the app which you need or like the most and install on your android devices. Comment below if you find some broken link

10- Secret Agent:

111 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Secret Agent is a wonderful tool kit which every spy should carry with him. It has handy torch, a fake camera filters, compass to find the way, secret audio recording, satellite tool and many more. So, as you have read about all the apps, choose the one you like to download and surely let us know about your choice through comment section.

9. Secret Agent Fake Call:

102 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

If you want to receive a fake call at the desired time you want, then I must say go for the Secret Agent Fake Call. You can fool your friends with this lets take an example “you are having a coffee with your friend and now give your phone to him saying you are going to washroom and set a fake call saying the coffee is poisoned” note his reaction.

8.Spy video recorder:

92 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

It is the extraordinary featured app which is a bit similar to a sneaky cam like it also offers you to change the background while recording a video besides that the best part is it allows you to make calls while recording a video.

7.Secret Calls:

82 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Secret Calls is the best spy app that allows you to make calls secretly, if you do not want to show your caller ID while calling someone then go for secret call. It also automatically deletes the outgoing and incoming calls to kept it secret.

6.Spy Message:

72 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

If you want to share important and secret text with your business partners or with your special friends without letting others know about the message, Spy Message is the brilliant app you are looking for. You can set a time for the deletion of the messages. Go for it and have fun.

5.Sneaky Cam:

62 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Similar to mobile hidden camera, it allows you to capture and record videos in front of others without letting them know about your activity. But the best part about this app is that it allows you to set the background to show when the Sneaky Cam is on. You can choose a background of your choice like Browser or even a music player.

4.IP Cam Viewer Lite


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This award wining app allows to remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam from an android device. The latest update brings audio notification which will alert you when it detects motion while the app running in background. It can also start recording automatically when motion detected.

These android spy apps give an android smartphone great capabilities to monitor anyone’s conversations, locations and perhaps activities. However, great powers comes with great responsibility. We suggest you to use any of these apps wisely.

3.Ear Spy:

32 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

It is the great spy app which provides you the best hearing quality. If there is a low voice around you and you are not able to understand that, Ear Spy will help you to hear that by amplifying the sound straight to your earphones. It is free and wonderful app which is being used as the hearing aid too.

2.Children Tracker:

22 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

If you are looking brilliant location tracker with excellent spy features to track your children activities Children Tracker is the best one you are searching for. Crimes are increased so much these days and your children can be the victim and if you want to help them, install this tool on their Android devices.

1.Cell Tracker:

12 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android

Cell Tracker is the wonderful location tracker which always has a private eye on you that where are you at present. It can help you in many ways like if you are a business and want to track the location of your marketing boys, install this spy tracker in their android devices and you can check their location and it updates automatically after every 30 minutes.



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