Top ways to increase internet speed in Android and PC (Tested)

Top ways to increase 2G Internet speed in Android and PC (Tested)

Howdy Guys? This is Harinder with my next post which all of you are going to like and share on your wall as this trick is been tested by me . As you all know today in India a slow internet connection really a costs time as well as money. Many of my friends ask me the ways to increase their internet speed. However it’s possible to do to some extent and make your internet much better then it was in the past. Basically this post will help you to increase internet speed in android phone if you are facing problems like slow internet speed,slow downloading speed in android phones.The internet speed in android phones depends on many factors some are given below:

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increase internet speed in Android
Top ways to increase 2G net speed in PC & Android (Tested)

Speed Up Your Net Speed By 20% for Pc Users:

Method 1:

Step 1. First you go to start button > Go To Run > Type gpedit.msc And Then Hit Enter> Then Expand >Adminsitrative Templates >Then Network >.Then QoS Packet Scheduler

Now a list will Appear click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Just Disable it. Now You Click On Apply

That’s It Now You Are Done !! Now Just Restart Your Computer . And I hope You will Get change in Your Speed

Method 2:

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Speed Up Your 2G Net Speed for Android users:

Increase internet speed in Android
Top ways to increase 2G net speed in PC & Android (Tested)-
  • Clear the cache memory of your mobile to increase internet speed in Android. Never fill the cache memory of your mobile. Always remove the data, apps and information from your mobile which is no longer useful. This can increase the speed of internet in your mobile.
  • Never install too much of software in your mobile it will decrease the speed of internet in your mobile. Always uninstall the software which is no longer useful.
  • To increase internet speed in Android you can change the internet setting to load maximum KB data.
  • To increase internet speed in Android, you should be using it only for text then you should block images in your mobile. By this you can increase the mobile internet speed and will decrease the charge too. Like some provide charge per KG. And if you want to load then load low quality image.
  • Never download other applications while surfing through the internet.
  • Before using internet always make sure that you are using mobile internet in good network coverage, for good speed of internet in your mobile.
  • If you want good speed it your mobile then always load mobile view in opera mini.

Apps to increase Internet speed in Android:

There are some list of Andorid apps which increase the strenght of network signal.

  • Network Signal Speed Booster
  • Network Speed Booster
  • Android Network 3G WiFi Boost
  • Signal Booster for Android
  • Network Signal Booster Deluxe

Use Faster Browser Opera Mini or Uc Browser to increase internet speed in Android

I got more speed in my Android device when i use Uc web browser when compared to other web browsers.Opera mini is also a good option.

Set data prefer in settings to increase internet speed in Android:

This is the first step we need to do inorder to increase internet speed in android phone.Go to settings>Wireless & networks and go to option GPRS transfer prefer and change the settings to ‘data prefer’ instead of ‘call prefer’. Setting to data prefer will increase the data transmittion rate which will help to increase internet speed android phone

Uninstall the useless apps from your mobile

Lots of useless apps may degrade your phone’s speed and returning slow internet speed. So, you should remove all the unnecessary apps from your phone.

I think that after reading this article you’ll be able to increase internet speed in your android mobile.

NOTE : This may not work for everyone, if it doesn’t for you, dont blame me, you probably are already getting the max speed from your network operator. Also I would again like to mention that Indian users will be mostly benefited with this tweak. Enjoy, and dont forget to comment below if it works for you.

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