How to get Free .IN Domain Domain Plus Free Hosting

Hello to all the loyal readers of blacklisthackers world today i am presenting a full tutorial on How to get free .In domain name and free hosting for one year.

Here is a website for Indians which offers free .in domain plus one year free hosting absolutely free. After one year they will cost you for your website when it stands up and got good traffic in a year but the domain is not transferable to blogspot .It will only works with Indiagetonline.in hosting service with this free website you can apply in google adsense in atleast in 6 month and earn revenue with google adsense.

How to Register for India Get Online ?

Login to www.indiagetonline.in


1. India Get Online is Free.

2. Easy to set up- No technical knowledge requried

3. You get a free domain name (www.yourcompany.in)

4. Get free personalised email (yourname@yourcompanyname.in)

5. Gives your business professional appeal.

6. Allows customers to find you online and facebook twitter

7. Customer Support is provided for website upkeep

How to Get Started?

In order to kick start your business online you need your address phone number, along with a TAN/CIN or PAN to verify you as a business. You need to get started here .Step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to get your domain name and how to set up your website

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