How To Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error On Android

Are you frustrated facing “insufficient storage available” error on your phone again and again every time you try updating or downloading an app from the Google Play Store?The insufficient storage available bug on android is for many people a nuisance. It is a widespread problem among many android users who experience the problem with their devices. It mostly occurs whenever an android user is about to install some apps. The error message ‘Insufficient Storage Available’ will suddenly appear. This is a very common problem with the Android OS since all apps, by default are installed in your phone memory. Don’t worry this error is certainly showed up on Android devices with low internal storage and even on a few devices with 16 GB of built in storage but partitioned, like Samsung Galaxy Note. This happens because a very small portion of the total space is dedicated to ‘System memory’ and rest of the space is reserved for data (USB Storage).

There are many easy ways to fix this issue. Just follow one of the four easy methods to fix annoying “insufficient storage available” error message on your Android Phone:

Method 1 (Transfer Data To SD Card): 

The easiest way to make some space on your device is by clearing the internal storage memory. You need to clear data on your internal storage and not the SD card. Clearing internal storage will remove apps, media, recent downloads and photos stored on your devices memory. If you don’t want to lose all your data in internal memory, the other option is to transfer it to SD card.

  1. Go to Settings -> Storage -> Clear Internal Storage ( to remove everything on internal storage) OR
  2. Go to Settings -> Storage -> Transfer data to SD card (to move everything on internal storage to SD card)

The transfer might take few a second to complete. Once the data transfer is complete, internal storage is fresh and free and you’re ready to download more apps on your Android Phone.

Method 2 (Remove Log Files): 

Open the dialer on your phone and dial *#9900#. This will open a window with many different options. Select the second option “ Delete dumpstate/logcat” from the pop menu. Now select “Delete Dump” and exit once the process is completed. This deletes all the log files from the internal device memory and restores heaps storage space. This is the easiest and fastest way to free some memory on your Android Device.

Method 3 (Clear App Cache):

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Menu -> Sort by Size
Now look for the highest memory consuming app from the list and clear data or clear cache for the same app. For example, chrome is consuming highest memory on your phone, clearing its cache from time to time will help you get some free space on your device. Similarly clearing cache for apps that consume high memory will get you some more free space.

Method 4 (Using Third Party Software): 

There are some third party software available on Google play that can help you free some space on your device with just few clicks.
Go to Google Play Store, search and download one of these free apps : App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master or  AVG mobile cache cleaner.

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