How to find/track your lost Laptop

Can a Stolen Laptop Be Tracked?Yes, a stolen laptop can be tracked using its IP address and its Service Tag. Also, ones Gmail account or any pre-installed tracking software can help trace its exact location if the thief has access to the internet. In this post i am listing some software’s to track your laptop if you ever lose it !! It is always better to install a software beforehand instead of repenting later on.



Laptop Security focuses on telling you exactly where your laptop is. Its WiFi-based geolocation proved quite accurate in testing. It can also email you webcam images of whoever is using the laptop. A single online dashboard lets you track all your laptops; mobile devices too.

#Laptop Cop Laptop Cop can track every little action the thief takes. It logs keystrokes, captures screens, monitors Web activity, records email and IM conversations, and more. To prevent misuse of the product as a spying tool, the company requires proof that you’ve filed a police report before it will let you enable the product’s full-scale monitoring power.

#Laptop Superhero Laptop Superhero works hard to help whoever finds your laptop return it. Upon remote lockdown it sounds an audible alarm and shuts done the system. After lockdown it boots to a screen that lets the finder arrange the laptop’s return. It also includes the unique ability to automatically lock the laptop after a period of no connectivity.

#LaptopSentry 3.1 LaptopSentry 3.1 comes with 10GB of online backup, to ensure that you won’t lose your important data along with your laptop. You can remotely encrypt or delete files if the laptop is lost. In its lockdown mode it allows two-way communication with whoever has the laptop.

#LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software can protect your computer even if the thief formats or replaces the hard drive, thanks to a BIOS module that restores the software after such events. If your laptop is stolen, just report it to the police and to Absolute Software. You can monitor the Threat Recovery Team’s progress via the online console.

#Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery Premium Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery Premium takes an unusual approach to protection your data. When you report the laptop lost, it moves important files into hidden encrypted archives; on recovery it automatically restores them. To help you catch the thief it tracks the laptop’s location and captures desktop screenshots and webcam images.

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