WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2014- Android and iOS

Howdy friends? After my previous post How to hack WhatsApp account I am back with yet another interesting article on WhatsApp. In this tutorial I am going  to share some latest and working WhatsApp tips and tricks with you. WhatsApp, as all of you know, is the most widely used messenger among the masses, especially the youths. Most of you are unaware of its features and tricks. So in this post I am going to unveil some of WhatsApp tips and tricks which I am sure will prove to be helpful.

So, let us begin!!

1. Lock Whatsapp with Password

So this is the first tip in the WhatsApp tricks and tips list.Password protection is very important for every WhatsApp user. Now you can use password protect your WhatsApp so as to avoid any unauthorized access.

Lock Whatsapp For Android

1. If you are android user then just Download Whatsapp Lock from android market.
2. Install it and make your WhatsApp secure and safe.
3. This is totally free to use app.

2. Use WhatsApp without a Mobile Number

Now you can use WhatsApp without your mobile number. Just follow these steps:-

  • First  download WhatsApp on your device. After that it will send a verification text to their server.
  • Now just switch your mobile phone to flight mode or change your mobile message centre number.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your phone, it will ask you to verify the app by alternative method.
  • Choose “Verification Through Sms” Option and give your email address.
  • Click on the “Cancel” just after putting email address. It will create error in email verification method.
  • Now Spoof the message (Google it ).
  • After spoofing you will receive messages on your spoofed number.
  • That’s all now enjoy your WhatsApp without using your number.

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3. Disable Last Seen In Whatsapp

This is the most needed trick of all the tricks.

Disable Last Seen Option In Android

1. Just disable mobile data option.
2. Now read your messages and close the app.
3. Activate mobile data connection again. That’s it.

NOTE:- The latest WhatsApp update already has this feature inbuilt where you can disable your last seen.

WhatsApp tips and tricks 2014

Disable Last Seen Option In iPhone

If you have latest version of WhatsApp for your Iphone then, it must have “Last Seen Timestamp” option.

Just activate through- Settings > Advanced >Last Seen Timesatmp

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4. Change Your Current Mobile Number In WhatsApp

You can change your WhatsApp mobile number to new one. How? Let’s see.

Go to Settings>Account>Change Number- Type old and new phone number and click on “Done”

5. Hack your friend’s WhatsApp conversation

Now You can hack conversation of your friends on WhatsApp. To do so follow these steps-

-Go to MicroSD card and click WhatsApp.
-After that go on Database option.
-There you will find two file as :

  • msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt
  • msgstore.db.crypt

Take these files from your buddy’s phone,and now you can simply read all gossip of your friend. Isn’t that cool?

So friends these were some cool and amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks. I hope you will enjoy them. Try them all. If you face any problem don’t hesitate to comment below.

Do share your views in comments and if you find this article feel free to share it with your friends.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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