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How to Crash someone’s Skype account (working)

How To Crash Someone's Skype in 10 SECONDS

Skype is a tremendous tool for chatting with your friends and family for free. Can you Crash someone’s Skype account? Sounds cool, isnt it? So today in this tutorial i gonna tell you to Crash someone’s Skype account. First, you need a Skype account and friends you wanna crash his/her id or a victim.After that, it’s slightly more complicated than just punching in their phone number. But not to worry i am giving you a simple procedure to follow:

Steps to Follow:

Step 1. Go to desktop
Step 2. Right click and go to new.
Step 3. Click Shortcut and locate your Skype.exe file
Usually.. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe”
Step 4. Add a space and add /secondary
Step 5. Press OK.
Step 6. Now you can have more than one Skype opened.

How to crash someones Skype.

1. Invite him/her in conference.

2. Type in chat “/topic &#3doxnu;&#04 ” (Without the “”)

3. Now you both will have a crash on skype.

This trick is working, its been tested by our team members.Enjoy!!

Points to remember:

  • Remember a conference can be of two or more members
  • This will crash your Skype too, so use two Skype accounts if needed


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