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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy consist of so many things especially for newones and beginners they should follow Top deadly SEO tips and tricks 2014– to boost their blogs organic traffic and global rank and save there time . So, for newbies today I am going to share the Top deadly SEO tips and tricks 2014 which are highly recommended for newbies to run their website with more efficient.

Bligers outreach the next big thing

Follow these strategy to rank it globally:

  1. Image Optimization: Use alt and title tags in all the images as this is also one of the well-known SEO Trick of 2014.
  2. SEO Friendly URL: Use the keyword in the post/page URL and also make a meaning full URL to boost your organic traffic.
  3. Title: To make your title SEO Friendly you must note that your title must contain the keyword and try to insert your keyword in the beginning of your title. A title having 40 to 65 characters will also help you to boost organic traffic.
  4. Create a About us page as it is also considered as an important trick of SEO in 2014.
  5. Meta Description: Always make a short description having maximum 156 characters which can easily explain what is written in your article. Your meta description must contain your keyword which will help you as it is one of the most important SEO Trick of 2014.
  6. Headings: Use H1, H2, and H3 in your article. Use your keyword in H2 which will help you in ranking your keyword in Search Engines.
  7. Must use at least 1 image in your post and also optimize it as I mentioned above.
  8. Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes: Not all but many bloggers do so many spelling mistakes and punctuation and also grammar mistakes in their articles which decrease their SEO. Always check your articles in Microsoft Word for spelling and grammar mistakes as these mistakes are very common and this is the basic SEO Trick of 2014.
  9. Navigation: Always choose a best place for navigation/menus of your blog/website. The best places which are recommended for SEO in 2014 are the below logo, above footer and at the right side of logo.
  10. Popups: So many bloggers use popups to increase their Social Media Likes, Followers or some uses ads in popups which is the biggest mistake of bloggers. You should remove all the popups which will also decrease the loading time of your website and will also not irritate the visitors.
  11. Permalinks: When making a permalink or URL of a page/post must use “-” instead of “_”.
  12. If your website is of a real company you must add google maps in on Contact Page or About Us page.
  13. Ads: For earning many bloggers use so many ads which also irritates the visitors. In Adsense maximum of 3 ad units you can use and in other advertising networks you can use so many which irritates the visitors so, always use maximum 3 Ad units and minimum 2.
  14. Create a beautiful favicon for your website.
  15. The most important trick of SEO of 2014 to rank a website/blog in Search Engines in 2014 is to update your site regularly/daily and schedule your posts.
  16. Social Bookmarking: Always create a Facebook page for your website and also add a Facebook like box in your sidebar or footer.
  17. You should create a support, help or FAQ page for your website.
  18. Internal Linking: Also link your older posts in newer posts.
  19. Backlinks: Never build the backlinks of your website too much fast as it can be marked as spam by Google. Always create quality backlinks on those site which are having good Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority and Page authority.
  20. Generate Sitemaps:
  21. Always write a article with a minimum of 300 words and recommended are 800 words which will also help you in ranking your site.
  22. To check the error of your website use W3C Compliant and fix the errors.
  23. Keyword in First Paragraph: Always use your keyword in the first paragraph of your article.
  24. Theme: use a responsive, suitable, and fast loading theme having all browsers support.
  25. Replace the flash animated with .gif format.
  26. You must enter the copyrights in the footer.
  27. Insert a search box in 404 not found error page.
  28. Check source code and fix all the bugs and errors.
  29. Must inert a search engine or Search This site widget.
  30. Underline, Italicize, Bold the keywords in the article.
  31. Create a robot.txt file for your website.
  32. Always add nofollow relation to all outbound links.
  33. Always buy a TLD having .com, .net, .org, .info extensions.
  34. Guest Posting: Also do guest posting in other blogs having good PR, DA, and PA.
  35. Create a beautiful, unique logo for your website.
  36. Blogging Platform: Always choose a good blogging platforms in which the best are WordPress (which I am using), Blogger, Joomla.
  37. Redirect all the 404 links to Home Page.
  38. Create a page of Submitting a guest post for your website so, visitors could also submit guest posts in your website.
  39. Submit your site’s sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Ping Yahoo and Ask search engines to get huge Organic Traffic.
  40. Also avoid to use Stop Words in your keywords.


The numerous Google algorithm updates have left businesses bewildered about what would be the best ways to build links. The process of building links has transformed over the past few years and conventional methods of doing it, no longer hold. Consumers today look for brand mentions in trusted platforms like popular blog forums or products recommended by eminent bloggers.

That said, it’s very important for businesses to reach out to such people and get them to speak about you. This is where a good blogger outreach plan would be required. Besides, blogging has been established to be the best means to reach out to a greater audience and a safe form of populating backlinks too.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash the potential of blogger outreach and take your business to the world. What are your thoughts on Blogger Outreach? Have experiences to share? Please post them below; we’d love to hear from you!

Hope which are mentioned above will help you in ranking your website in Search Engines.

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