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14 facts about Linux that you did not know

What are the Top Most facts about Linux Operating System:

Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.

The Linux operating system represented a $25 billion ecosystem in 2008. Since its inception in 1991, Linux has grown to become a force in computing, powering everything from the New York Stock Exchange to mobile phones to supercomputers to consumer devices.

As an open operating system, Linux is developed collaboratively, meaning no one company is solely responsible for its development or ongoing support. Companies participating in the Linux economy share research and development costs with their partners and competitors. This spreading of development burden amongst individuals and companies has resulted in a large and efficient ecosystem and unheralded software innovation.

Over 1,000 developers, from at least 100 different companies, contribute to every kernel release. In the past two years alone, over 3,200 developers from 200 companies have contributed to the kernel–which is just one small piece of a Linux distribution.

[Source: Wikipedia]

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A few facts about Linux

In my today’s post I am going to give you a few unknown and interesting facts about Linux. So let’s start..

1. The outspoken Linus: Linus Torvalds has been outspoken at many occasions-one of the more explicit comments he made recently was that he would not change the structure of Linux to “deep throat Microsoft”.

2. Was Linux invented by Bill Gates and has all the evidence removed by him? A compelling argument made by Mr Tom Adelstein on this topic. In his argument, he says that Microsoft has managed to show that smaller OS-es like Linux are a threat to its existence, and has managed to remove all the evidence as well!

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3. Linux is Obsolete: One of the most heated debates on the relevance of Linux was held recently between Andrew S Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds focused Linux portability and its architecture in general. Tanenbaum is of the opinion that the OS is obsolete.

4.  Linus was offered Job at Apple by Steve Jobs? This one’s absolutely correct. As far back as 2000, when Linus met Steve Jobs, he was offered a job at Apple’s Cupertino campus.

5. GooBuntu: The Linux flavor used inside Google. This is also true that Ubuntu Linux is Google’s desktop of choice and that it’s called Goobuntu.

6. Microsoft Linux AKA MSLinux: There has been talks of a Linux distribution system that tries to give the power of Linux with ease of use that one usually expect from Microsoft products. Most tech analysts say that they have a hard time believing this is true.


7. Hundreds of Linux Distros: Linux is distributed by over 300 distributions in action across the world and the list is growing everyday!

8.  Linux for supercomputers: Linux powers 90 per cent of the world’s top supercomputers. World’s fastest super computer ‘Sequoia’ (developed by IBM) runs entirely on Linux.

9. The ‘Linux’ name trademark dispute: There was a trademark dispute which had gained some prominence when Linus decided to name kernel as ‘Linux’, especially given the fact that he didn’t register it. Later on, in 1994, a guy named William Della Croce, Jr. filed for a trademark in United States and demanded royalties from distributors of Linux. Linus Torvalds won this legal battle over name ‘Linux’ in 1997.

10.  Linux in movie making business: It is an interesting fact that 90 per cent of servers that are used by Hollywood animation studios make use of Linux.

11.  The first Linux Live CD: This was used by yggdrasil computing, a company, that was the first one to produce a Live-CD for it’s ‘Plug and Play’ Linux distribution known as LSX.


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12. Microsoft spends millions to counter Linux: It is believed on the back of firm evidence, that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, spent $421 million to counter the growth of Linux and its penetration in Microsoft Windows’s market.

13. Linux as a case study: A now famous case study on Linux was part of an issue of the ‘Business Week Magazine’.

14. Linus, Steve and Bill Gates: Hate them or love them but we cannot ignore them. Here is a compilation of great quotes from these 3 men.

Interesting! Aren’t they?

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