How to complete File-Ice surveys (Tutorial)

Easily complete File-Ice Surveys!

My today’s post is about File-Ice surveys. I am gonna introduce to you some easy methods to complete File-Ice surveys. First of all what are File -Ice surveys? They are surveys that you come across while opening an external link on a website or downloading some data. In order to complete your task you have to complete these surveys. Many a times it happens that you are unable to do so. This tutorial will help you in completing File-Ice surveys.
Let us begin.

Prerequisites for this tutorial

  • Sandboxie; unless you would care for quite a bit of irritation removing generally unwanted software.
  • Google Chrome; or another browser that can automatically fill in details for a survey.
  • Internet Explorer 9 (OPTIONAL); This will allow you to complete a common survey from Microsoft that prompts you to download Internet Explorer 9 and provided you have it installed, the installation will fail and the file will unlock.

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Completing File-Ice surveys are rather painful, especially when the realization that an hour of inherent input was in vain becomes evident. This guide aims to increase your chances of downloading files from this service and also, albeit rather loosely, applies to Share-cash.

The methods listed below can be combined, and are categorized based on my inherent success with each.
Because of this, proxies and virtual private networks are extrinsic from this listing as they fail to function for me.

Method One – Program Download

Most tend to avoid surveys advertised to unlock your download provided you install software, generally for good reason. However, in my own inherent experience these downloads tend to unlock files with a considerably higher rate of success than completing a survey.


  1. Download the aforementioned software. DO NOT RUN IT.
  2. Proceed to right click the executable in the location that you saved it, and run it with Sandboxie.
  3. Allow administrative privileges if prompted, and install the program.
  4. When the program finishes its inherent installation, your default browser should open, and the file should promptly unlock.
  5. If this fails, make sure that you have cleared your sandbox of all data, and attempt it again. Make sure that your antiviral software does not block the installation.

Method Two: Inputting Truthful Information

If you would rather input data, or no downloads are currently available, you may opt for an input-based survey.
An important detail to note is that File-Ice and Share-cash now acquire your geolocation via your internet protocol (IP) address, and thus it is possible that your survey has not unlocked because, despite living in California.

For example-you supposedly exist in Alaska. However, you do not have to input your own information. Combine information that is not relatively personally-identifiable (areas multiple miles away can share a zip code) with the information of others; perhaps even someone you wish to give a playful form of revenge towards in the form of spam.

Note- Many browsers like Google Chrome can save form data. So after you input a set of data, Google Chrome may remember and promptly offer the ability to input the entire set in one click, saving much time and effort.

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Method Three: Targeting Specific Surveys

Albeit this method has a higher rate of success over the latter; such surveys are rare; especially so on File-Ice. I recommend using this method with Share-Cash.
When selecting and preparing to complete a survey; it should be noted that there are some sources in which one is required to do nothing more than enter a name and e-mail address (CalOnlinePokerNow, for example).  These should be targeted and sought after, as they require minimal effort as previously stated and can often be used more than once with the same internet protocol (IP) address.

Method Four: Utilizing Macros

An alternative solution that can combine the methods seen above is the utilization and execution of macros to automate said solutions.
Macros are rather difficult to create, but in time, you can create a set of programs that can automatically complete any survey you choose from. Thankfully, the basis of a macro can easily be created in Visual Basic or C#; and some may be available on HackForums.
No specific instructions are provided for such in this tutorial, as the usage of a macro will vary to how you wish to use such.

This is all for today. Thank you.


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