How To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts (Without Any Phone Number)

Create unlimited facebook accounts

Howdy BLH fans? Many of my users requested me to make an article on how to create unlimited Facebook accounts without any phone number. So here I am fulfilling their wishes. We are not satisfied with only one Facebook account and want to create a few more. Of course we have our own reasons to do so. In my today’s article you will learn how to create unlimited Facebook accounts. And guys do you know what the best part is? You won’t require any phone number to do so.

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Let us start. In order to create unlimited facebook accounts you need to follow some instructions.

Step 1- Download in GoogleChrome:


Step 2- Download in FireFox: User Agent Switcher

Step 3- Go to FireFox Browser > Tools > Default User Agent > Choose Iphone 3.0

Step 4- Go To Google Chrome go to mask me extension and here’s how you work on it: https://www.abine.com/maskme/faq/

Step 5- You navigate in firefox to Facebook.com you will see Facebook Touch (mobile version), the link should be just like this : m.facebook.com

You will register with the masked emails and all the emails you did are forwarded to your email you made in mask me.

NOTE: To run with your normal facebook account end user agents,

Mozilla-Tools>Default user agent>edit user agent>Select iphone 3.0>delete>OK

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It means : all the emails are connected into the masked mail inbox! So every account needs a confirm so you will confirm all the accounts with same inbox.

Thus you can create unlimited facebook accounts without giving them your phone number.

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