How to make a single name account-remove your Last Name on Facebook [Updates with pictures]-Working

[ UPDATED ] Facebook Trick ! Remove your Last Name on Facebook [ w/ PICTURES ]

Howdy Guys I am back with a new article on one of my favourite topics-How to make a single name account or remove your last name on Facebook with this highly detailed tutorial you all will be able to make your account with a single name easily.

Now here new safest trick to make single Facebook account. It is not possible to make account on Facebook without Last name because it is against the policies of Facebook. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps

[UPDATED] How to Remove Your Last Name on Facebook

✓ Working as of June 2014


• Brain

• Mozilla Firefox ( Any Version )

• Indonesian Proxy ( Hide My Ass Proxy )

• Patience

• Facebook Account

Steps to follow:

Step One : Open Firefox & Go to HideMyAss.com given below and Scroll Down.

[Image: Fo8COd2.jpg]

Step Two : Uncheck All Countries , Choose Indonesia & Click Update Results

[Image: Oc4Eshq.jpg]

Step Three : Choose Any Fast IP/Proxy Address and Port

[Image: stwOYT2.jpg]

Step Four : Open New Tab and Click Firefox > Options > Options

[Image: aVMXNJr.jpg]

Step Five : Advanced > Network > Settings

[Image: POBXQtY.jpg]

Step Six : Manual Proxy Configuration > HTTP Proxy > Port > √ Use this Proxy Server for all Protocols

[Image: ccKYLzI.jpg]

Step Seven : Login Your Facebook Account > Account Settings

[Image: ndtKY5N.jpg]

Step Eight : Change Language to “Bahasa Indonesia” and Click Save

[Image: BItNYm0.jpg]

Step Nine : Click “Sunting”

[Image: BDcavgS.jpg]

Last and Final Step : Erase Your Last Name “Belakang” > Enter Your Password “Kata Sandi” > Hit “Simpan Perubahan” and Wait…

[Image: pRVYrMV.jpg]

Enjoy Tricking Facebook!

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