Tips to modify your Android phone – Tips, Tricks and Apps

Modifying your Android Smartphone:

Android is Google’s big hope to get millions of unconnected Indians hooked to its ecosystem.Android has no doubt garnered a lot of attention now, and for all the right reasons. However, not too long ago, the ‘world’s most popular mobile platform’ was shrouded in anonymity. It was particularly known for  Linux operating system and you do not have the full access to some files of Android phone which is the most terrifying part in it.Dozens or hundreds of Android phones come out every year, and most of them are pretty bad. But every year there’s about a half-dozen good ones. So in today’s post i will be discussing about the modification of your android phone which will increase battery life as well as its performance.

Tips to modify your Android phone - Tips, Tricks and Apps
Tips to modify your Android phone – Tips, Tricks and Apps



Well before going deep to this topic we should be clear of some terminology:


rooting_android_1It allows you root or admin access to the system, which means that you can change any file you want.
But, rooting can get you in trouble. If you don’t do something right you can mess it all up. There are maaaany tutorials and programs and everything – it will make it a lot easier for you, so you shouldn’t really worry. However, if you really think that you cannot do it don’t do it. You can also ask someone who is experienced with it, a friend perhaps?

Why Rooting is done?

Why would anyone risk hanging up their phone? Because rooting is a great thing. Rooting makes Android phones a bit better than iPhones, because you can customize them the way you want them to be. After rooting the performance of Android phone increases.You can bring your phone to a point where you’ll extremely love it and won’t be able to leave it alone even for a second or millisecond.

Advantages of Rooting:

  • Special Application is compatible
  • Increase Internal memory & make free more RAM
  • Install Custom ROM’s, Apps and Settings
  • Increase Performance of your Android Phone
  • Flash your kernel
  • Flash your ROM
  • Boost audio
  • Speed up your phone and SD card
  • Extend or reduce your battery life
 Disadvantages of rooting
  • Voids your phone’s warranty
  •  The risk of “bricking” your phone
  • Low security level for Viruses

How ROOTING is done?

To root your first phone, you need to do some searching. I suggest you to head over here and find what phone you have. If it’s not there, try typing your phone into the search box, it will definitely show some result. If you have no luck on xda, you will have to use google. On google you will find many rooting tools, and you will need to find your phone on the compatibility list of that tool (if there exists one.) I cannot really tell you the instructions on rooting your phone because most of them comes with different configuration.If you find some difficulty finding your rooted phone please let me know in the comment box

What Next After rooting?

When you rooted your phone it should have the SU App installed on your phone. You can find yourself a ROM. You can choose what Android version it will be upgraded/downgraded to and so it’ll work that way. I always suggest upgrading, because upgrading it means new features.

While you look at ROMs, check out their characterictics. Some ROMs are very unstable, some are good only for gaming, some are extreme battery drainers so be careful while choosing.

Flashing KERNAL files:
For flashing your kernel you need to have your bootloader unlocked. Changing your kernel from stock to a new, probably enhanced one can be a good idea. As always, be careful when choosing. No one wants to end up with a bad kernel

Backing up your files:
For this, I suggest you to use xRecovery, Titanium Backup or Clockwork Recovery. It’s your choice afterall. Don’t be lazy and do your backup, ’cause you will surely need it if you mess something up (resulting a factory reset).

Even if your phone rooting is done, there are still many things to be scared/careful about. The most important thing for you to do is.. READ!
Read? Yes, exactly. You need to be sure what you’re doing, especially when it’s related to Roms and Kernels. Most mistakes occur when a person doesn’t read the given instructions and then they manage to brick their phone.

A ʟɪsғ ᴀᴘᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴs

Battery calibration
Boat Browser Mini
Dolphin Browser
Rom Toolbox Lite
SD Booster
SD Maid
Titanium Backup

Pᴀɪᴅ (ʏᴏᴜᴄᴀɴsʙʟᴀᴄᴋᴍᴀʀᴋᴇᴛ ғᴏʀᴛʜɪs)
Root Explorer
– more to be added –


Spoiler (Click to Hide)


Android Debug Bridge
This allows moving applications from the internal memory on the external (SD card).
The applications that you don’t need, useless apps.
A bootloader instructs the kernel to boot properly.
A set of Unix tools / commands that has been compiled for use on your phone.
ClockworkMod Recovery
Replacing or adding things onto your operating system
Google Apps.
~Hard Brick
Not recoverable, you can throw your phone away if your warranty papers don’t help you somehow.
~Hot Reboot
Reload all applications and framework files without rebooting your phone.
The core of most operating systems.
Samsung software used to update only Samsung devices. Can be used when soft bricked a Samsung device.
Read Only Memory, when talking about Android, is the internal flash memory where the core operating system resides. If you don’t flash it correctly, you might brick your phone.
Software Development Kit
~Soft Brick
Phone usually gets stuck at boot screen, have to recover it with a pc tool or Odin.
~Superuser (SU)
A progam which gives unlimited access privileges to perform any or all operations on the operating system.
Unmodified or clean version of anything.
An application that is always running.
Reduces the amount of RAM consumed when running the application.
– more to be added –
If you need help, search over this and this. If you still need help, make a thread here and I’m sure that atleast one person will help you.

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