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How to get more than 5000 Facebook friends in one click (100% Working trick)

How to get more than 5000 facebook friends with a single click

Howdy guys? Welcome back! Today I am going to share with you a secret and working trick of facebook, how to make 5000 friends on Facebook  in a single Day. Recently I had posted Post on all friends’ timeline automatically on Facebook which is still working till now. I always try to bring up some new and useful tricks of facebook. Using this trick you can easily get more Facebook friend requests in a day. Its a simple method which works most of the time and one plus point is that you can add as many friends on facebook without getting blocked. There are numerous methods for this and many are tried by me. Most of them are not works and are also harmful for your account. But this trick is safe and secure and user friendly too.

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Is it Possible To Get 5000 Friend request in a single day?

Many people message me saying,”We are new on Facebook and wanna make more friends on this social site, How do we make Facebook friends quickly?” For all those people I am sharing this amazing trick. Yes, it is possible to get more than 5000 friend requests in a day. All you have to do is follow some simple steps which is given below:

You can even Earn Money with more Facebook Friends

Yes, you can earn money using this trick I will explain it to you how. Actually facebook fan page administrators need more likes for their page and fans with large friend list play a major role here.  These accounts can be used to promote their products online. What you have to do is create some Fake Facebook accounts and make 5000 friends in few days. Then invite your friends to like your page and sell your page or promote any company’s product through your page and earn money. If your page gets 20k likes, you can surely earn money. Enjoy and get more money using this free trick. For more such amazing tricks Bookmark Our Site and keep yourself updated.

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How to get more than 5000 Facebook friends in one click (100% Working trick)


Step#1 First you must login to your Facebook Account.

Step#2 Now simply go to Facebook mass add Application. (Skip 5 Sec Ads)

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Step#3 Login with that application to get information.

Step#4 Just select your Friend interest in Select friends you want to add.

Step#5 Now Just Click on Generate Button.
Step#6 After this you will see many Friends Email Just Copy All.
Step#7 Now Go on Invite Friends php url. You can go directly on Invite Friends php.

Step#8 Now Paste all Emails there and write any message like, Please Add, Add me.

Step#9 Wait for some time. After some time you will start receiving friend requests.
Step#10 It’s done! You can generate more emails but please use this trick only once a day.


his trick will help you increase your friends in a whoosh!! This is not an official trick or method of the social site, so we are not responsible for any harm or violation activity of Facebook because it does not follow Facebook policies. Do share this article with your friends.

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