Top ways to hide any file/text/video inside an image (Steganography technique)

Howdy Guys? From such a long time i am presenting you a short and simple trick to hide any kind of file like txt, mp3, exe, avi or any extension using Steganography technique (hiding file into image is called steganography, and it allows you to hide text in images without anyone from knowing). The best part of this trick is when any one will see the picture he/she will just consider it as a picture and even if he/she double click on it then the picture will be opened as normal. Sounds great na? So in this post i will be getting into some common ways to hide your files that can be done with or without steganography tool.To execute this task you will be needing WinZip or WinRar to be installed in your PC/Laptop. If you don’t have any you can download it absolutely free from internet.

Ways to hide text into image using Steganography technique

Hiding files by some sort of tools has been a very common way till now, if you are looking for something different then this trick is almost for you.

You will be needing some stuffs before we start:

  • A Brain (first & very important part)
  • Image of any format(jpg,png)
  • Operating system(xp,vista,7,8,8.1,10)

Method 1: Steganography using Dos Prompt

How to hide multiple files behind JPEG/PNG image using Command Prompt:

Step 1: Create a folder anywhere in your PC and name it as blk or whatever (dont forget to remember its path) e.g. C:\> blk and keep all the files you want to hide as well as the jpg image you will use to keep that files in.

Step 2: Just select all the files you want to hide, and by right clicking on them select the option of add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only compress the files you want to hide, not the jpg image. Lets name it as “Secret.rar”.

You’ll see that there is those files, the jpg image and a compressed archive named Secret.rar inside the folder blk.

Step 3: Click on Start menu, click Run and type “cmd” (without the inverted commas or press Windows key +R to run directly), press enter and you will see the command prompt window has been opened. Type cd\ to get into the root directory and again type cd followed by the folder’s name you want to hide i.e. “cd blk”. Now you are inside the directory C:\blk>

Step 4: Suppose the jpg image have name of “sten.jpg”. Type the following line

copy /b sten.jpg + Secret.rar sten.jpg

(Omit the quotes) and press enter. You will get a response in the command prompt like below.

hide multiple files behind an image using command prompt-Steganography technique

Be sure that the compressed file has the extension of . ZIP or .RAR. As I have heard about some problems people faced while using WinZIP, I recommend you to use WinRAR instead of WinZIP.

That’s all you have to do. Now you have a jpg image(sten.jpg) with your secret files inside it. If you check the picture size you will see it has been increased by same size that was of the compressed archive. Now you can the delete the . RAR file and the file1 and file2.

How to access the hidden files

Just right click on the file and chose open with WinRar.Then you can see the file you hide behind the picture. Another way to access the hidden file is that just change the extension of the file to .RAR and open the file using WinRar and then extract them. To change the extension you have to simply rename the file image.jpg to image.rar

How to hide text files behind JPEG/PNG image using command prompt:

Requirements :

  • Image of any format (jpg,png)
  • Document that contains your hiding text [ document may be anything E.g.: txt, doc, pdf]
  • Operating system(Windows,vista,windows 7,8,8.1,10)

hide text behin image-min

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1:Create a folder anywhere in your PC and name it as “blacklisthackers” or whatever (don’t forget to remember its path) e.g. C:\>blacklisthackers. Add a txt file into it as “blk.txt(which contains your secret text) and last add any image in this folder eg : image.jpeg

Step 2: Now the blacklisthackers folder contains two files blk.txt and image.jpeg. Just select blk.txt file and by right clicking on them select the option of add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only compress the txt file you want to hide, not the jpg image. Lets name it as “blk.rar”.

Step 4: Now type the following  line

copy /b image.jpeg +blk.rar [filename with extensions]

Hide text behind an image using stegnography

Step 5: Now hit Enter
Step 6:
You can see the size of the image file will now increased.
Step 7: Now you can send the image alone to anyone and it contains the document inside it.

How to Extract the document in image :

Just right click on the image file and choose open with notepad or simply rename the file with image.txt. You will see ASCII character set  you dont have to worry about these text. Go at the bottom of your text file and you will notice your secret text that you have written.

hide text files behind JPEG

Method 2: Steganography using steganography tools

How to hide multiple files behind JPEG/PNG image using Steganography tools for Windows/mac

So the other method to hide multiples files for free steganography software. These steganography programs let you hide data (textual or files of various formats) in image files as well as in various types of media files. All these steganography software are available free to download for your Windows PC. These have various features, like: hide typed text in images, hide TXT or other types of files like DOCX, XLSX, ZIP, RAR etc., supported input cover image formats includes: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF etc., some can hide data in MP3, WAV, FLAC, AU, AVI and other media formats, encrypt or decrypt data using password, some programs can be run on any platform, and more.

Windows steganography tools :

Mac steganography tools:


Steganography provides some very useful and commercially important functions in the digital world, most notably digital watermarking. In this an author can embed a hidden message in a file so that ownership of intellectual property can later be asserted and/or to ensure the integrity of the content. An artist, for example, could post original artwork on a Website. If someone else steals the file and claims the work as his or her own, the artist can later prove ownership because only he/she can recover the watermark . Generally only a small amount of repetitive information is inserted into the carrier and it can also be use for hiding secret passwords. You can even propose a girl by this simple trick by hiding a love you message in an image. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, get connected with us through social networking sites. And don’t hesitate to ask any question regarding this post.

Download PDF :Top ways to hide any file/text/video inside an image (Steganography technique)

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