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Access Private Contacts and Photos Without a Passcode in iphone 6

Bypass iOS 9 Lockscreen & Access Photos

This article is based on how to Access Private Contacts and Photos Without a Passcode in iphone 6 using iOS9 & is recommended to one who uses an iPhone. Becoming some sort of a tradition no one actually wants, lock screen exploits seem to have turned into a package deal that accompany each major iOS update. Such vulnerabilities have been discovered soon after the release of iOS 7, iOS 8 and now it happened again with iOS 9.

Few days back, Everything Apple Pro channel uploaded a video showing easy way to bypass iOS 9 passcode. This isn’t limited to just iPhone, it works on latest version iPad and iPod as well. Video blogger break passcode and access Private Contacts and Photos with not more than 1 minute using Siri in lock screen as a hacking tool.


Bypass iOS 9 Lockscreen & Access Photos

Apple iOS 9 is the most secure operating system ever, but still we could find small bug that allows to access photos and contacts. It doesn’t matter with 4 digit pass code or fingerprint security enabled. You can easily bypass iOS 9 and access user personal data.

In this article we will walk through finding vulnerability in IOS9 i.e bypassing iPhone passcode and later on we will discuss to protect your iPhone with this exploit. Without wasting time lets move to the article.

Steps to Bypass Passcode in Ios9:

You need to follow these simple steps to bypass passcode on any iOS device running iOS 9.0:

Step 1: Wake the iOS device and Enter an incorrect passcode four times.

Step 2: For the fifth time,Enter 3 or 5 digits (depending on how long your passcode is), and for the last one, press and hold the Home button to invoke Siri immediately followed by the 4th digit.

Step 3: After Siri appears, ask her for the time.

Step 4: Tap theClockicon to open the Clock app, and add aNew Clock, then write anything in the Choose a City field.

Step 5: Now double tap on the word you wrote to invoke the copy & paste menu, Select All and then click on ” Share “.

Step 6: Tap the’Messageicon in the Share Sheet, and again type something random, hit Return and double tap on the contact name on the top.

Step 7: SelectCreate New Contactand Tap onAdd Photoand then on ” Choose Photo “.

Step 8: You’ll now be able to see theEntire photo libraryon the iOS device. which is still locked with a passcode.

Now browse and view any photo from the Photo album individually.

How to protect your iPhone/iPad from the exploit

While we honestly wished there was no need to protect the contents of your device from such an exploit, the fix for this one is simple. The exploit relies on Siri, so basically all you have to do is disable the assistant on the lock screen.


To do this simply launch the stock Settings app and go to Touch ID & Passcode, and disable Siri in the “Allow Access When Locked” area. Now that Siri can’t be accessed from the lock screen anymore, the exploit won’t work either and your contacts and photos will be safe from prying eyes.

Has this exploit made your personal information vulnerable? Or are you lucky enough to have nothing to hide or be around only people you trust?If you do think, Your iPhone or iPad is insecure. Don’t forget to add your reason in the comment section below and dont forget to share your thoughts on Facebook,Twitter or Google+.


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