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How to Hack Facebook Account Using Backtrack 5R3 (Updated)

How to hack facebook account using backtrack

Hack Facebook Account Using Backtrack 5R3 (Updated)

Facebook is one of the top social networking website having more than 1.44 billion monthly active users. Due to its popularity, many users are hunger to hack friends, girlfriends/boyfriends Facebook account to distinguish what they are doing. There are many ways to hack facebook account, some of them works very well and some don’t. But today in this article I will be outlining some crucial steps to hack facebook account using BackTrack 5R3

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How to hack facebook account using backtrack

Do you know?

When you run Backtrack for the first time its Username is “root” and Password is “toor” by default . You should provide it at the first time login in your first time installation.


If you are not familiar with Backtrack OS, let me introduce about what backtrack is and why backtrack is use by all of us:

There are hundreds if not thousands of hacking tools out in this World. Some hacking tools have a single function and some others are multipurpose hacking tools. All multipurpose hacking tools comes under Backtrack, due to which  BackTrack is known as the father of all security / hacker toolkits. BackTrack is a Linux distribution that is security focused and contains over 300 security tools integrated with a highly polished user interface.

BackTrack is packaged in a Linux Live distribution which means that it can be run completely off of a CD/DVD or USB thumb drive without having to be installed on a host computer’s local hard drive. One can run BackTrack on their Pcs/laptop by using BackTrack Live Cd and installing it on VMvirtual Box. If you dont know how to install live backtrack cd on virtual box then read Virtual Box Install. This makes it useful in forensic situations where loading a tool onto a hard drive could compromise data currently on it. It also helps hacker’s cover their tracks by letting them use hacker tools on a system without leaving telltale signs on the host’s hard drive. This is the reason why Hackers prefer BackTrack OS for hacking purposes.

Given below are the steps which hackers use to gain access to Facebook accounts of hundreds of users each day:

Step 1: Install Backtrack From Official Site After Installation, Open your backtrack 5R3’s terminal and type  ifconfig to check your ip address again open the terminal and type : cd/pentest/exploits/set 

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