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Check phone model your friend is currently using right now

Check someone phone model

Check someone phone model by their IP Address without knowing their IMEI number :

If you need to know/check someone phone model which brand phone your friend is currently using ,what browser they are currently using, one basic thing is need to be considered i.e your friend IP Address. You can usually find the model number printed on the phone itself in the form of IMEI number , but to know your friend mobile model number you need to find his IP Address first.

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Check someone phone model

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IP address :

An ip address is a numerical address assigned to a device (computers, smartphones etc) connected in a network, by which other devices identify it. This address can be obtained with the help of this web-page. Internet service providers can use it to identify someone in case of a criminal investigation.

There are many methods to obtain someone IP address from Facebook,WhatsApp,Yahoo account or with whom you are interacting over the internet. But Since I always keep methods clear, down there I will be discussing a method which will help you to find out which phone brand your friend is currently using right now.

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Things you Required:

#1 Brain

#2 Any well known URL Shortener

#3 Website to obtain someone IP Address

Steps to follow:

Step#1 Go to the Link:  http://www.fuglekos.com/ip-grabber/index.html

Check someone phone model
Check someone phone model by their IP Address

Step#2 Choose a JPG/GIF (Remember: File name should be shorter than 5 chars so that it can be easy to remember i.e abc, or 123)

Step#3  Password protect your log information so that you can open it again in fuglekos console panel.

Step#4 Enter your email address and upload your JPG/GIF image. When you upload your image your will get a confirmation message as given below:

Remember: Copy the link to the Image. In my case i have copied http://www.fuglekos.com/profile/img/2016-1-16/abc.jpg

Check someone phone model


Step#5 Now the Activation link from Fuglekos will be sent directly to your mail address. When you click on the activation link you will get confirmation messege:

Congrats, your picture is activated!

Step#6 Now go to Any well known URL Shortener i.e Google Shortner  and shorten your Fuglekos Activation link which you copied earlier i.e http://www.fuglekos.com/profile/img/2016-1-16/abc.jpg

Step#7 Now send this Shorten link to check someone phone model, it can be your family members or friends. You can send this link to WhatsApp,Facebook,twitter.

Step#8 Now again go to Fuglekos link and enter your details in ACCESS IMAGE LOG i.e your FILENAME-FOLDERPassword

In my case 

1-Filename is : abc.jpg

2-Folder : 2016-1-16

3-Password: *******

Step#9 Below image will give you the correct information about the victim. Now you can check someone phone model by retrieving your log information as shown below:

Check someone phone model
Check someone phone model by retrieving image log information

Step#10 Problem while checking some one phone model,please let me now down in the comment box. Will help you asap.


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