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How to perform doS attack-DoS guide for beginners

perform dos attack

Perform dos attack-DoS guide for beginners

Never heard about DDoS/Dos attack? Small companies that do online business ought to learn about this growing online threat (i.e to perform dos attack)- and figure out how they’ll respond when they are hit by this threat. In a Denial of Service attack, the attacker uses a computer to send an overwhelming amount of data to a target,due to which it increases the traffic on his website which results in increasing bandwidth space of a website. This target receives so much traffic that it slows down and cannot respond to legitimate traffic, or in the case of a Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) attack, its hardware is damaged beyond repair. In this simple style of DoS attack, one computer directly targets another. It is a fairly simple attack to execute and requires minimal computer skills–an attacker can simply acquire and run a piece of software/command to conduct a DoS attack.

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perform dos attack
How to perform DoS attack-DoS guide for beginners blacklisthackers

These attacks are of two types:

#1 DoS (Denial of Service)
#2 DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service)

They both have a large difference, DoS is sending from one location, and DDoS is sending from multiple locations.

Do you Know: Ddos is Illegal

In some ways, DDoS is legal that means you are testing your server, to see if your server can handle a large amount of bandwidth or not. But mostly DDoS is illegal as it is likely used to attack website/server without their permission.

Method#1 Perform doS Attack using CMD (Ping Flooding)

Perform dos attack using Ping Flooding: Ping flooding is the most common primitive form of DoS attacks because anyone can do it extremely easy. When a targeted computer is under a ping flood attack, what happens is the computer’s network becomes backed up i.e it try to keep up with ping requests. Each time the server receives a ping request it has to compute it and then send a reply with the same amount of data (in kb), ping flooding is when the attacker floods the server with ping requests and the server has to compute tons of requests every split second, which takes up a lot of resources. Ping flooding are of different types, as given below:

#1 Targeted local disclosed ping flood

#2 Blind ping flood

#3 Router disclosed ping flood

#1  Targeted local disclosed ping flood:

A targeted local disclosed attack is when you know the IP Address of the target connected to the network and you attack it directly. Alright, so you want to ping flood a single targeted computer. First off we need to make sure we are indeed connected to it, start up command prompt (Start->All programs->Accessories->Command Prompt) and type in:


The dos screen will run a few numbers down the screen and will stop. What we are looking for is a local IP address we can attack. Look for an entry called IPv4 Address.

perform dos attack
IPV4 Address

Note: If you do not get something like this then you are not connected to any network.

If you are in fact connected then note this number down because this is the IP Address we will be needing to attack from the other computer. No we are going to directly attack your target (the computer you are on) so go to the other PC and open command prompt and type this in:

ping *ip address here* -t -l 65500

Use the IP address you noted from the other PC and replace the *ip address here* with that IP address. You will see the prompt start Pinging the computer you specified. Now you are actually ping flooding the target. Hurray! Your very first ever DoS attack! Give yourself a pat on the back. As you can see, this was not difficult at all.

perform dos attack
Attacking Ip address

Understand the command properly here’s the argument breakdown:

-t specifies that it keeps pinging the host until it times out (Disconnects or until you stop it)

-l specifies the load you want to send, so we are sending 65500 bytes to the host every ping. That’s quite a lot of data to handle, the usual default ping size is 32 bytes.

If you take a look at the PC that’s being attacked, you will notice a rather significant increase in activity and decrease in speed. If you check the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) , you will see your network activity will have increased.

perform dos attack
The effects of a ping flood in action

You must also remember that what ever load you are wanting to put on the target computer, you will also be putting on your computer, so attacking a stronger computer will only end up in a fail. Also another thing to note that if attacking over Wireless, it’s less likely to have a strong effect compared to LAN.

#2 Blind ping flood

Perform dos attack using Blind Ping Flood: A blind attack is another kind of ping flood where the attacker does not know the IP Address of his target, so he uses technique to uncover them through external programs such as Cain and Abel to retrieve list of IP Addresses. Cain and Able is used to find the list of IP address connected to a single router and is also used to hack password which are connected to the same network.

#3 Router disclosed ping flood

A router disclosed ping flood has the same fundamentals as a  targeted one, except you target routers and not a computer. When you ping flood a router you compromise the network that it’s hosting. If there are about 20 computers connected to one router and the router is DoS attacked, the 20 computers will not be able to communicate with each other or to the router.

It has the same procedure as the targeted flood, except you need to know the internal IP Address for the router. To get the IP Address of your local router, you use the same procedure as a targeted flood. Open Command Prompt and type:


We need the Default Gateway, this is the local IP Address for the router.

Now use the same process you used to flood the targeted computer, use it on the router, like this:

ping -t -l 65500

Replace the IP Address I got with the IP you got. Generally the IP Addy from your router will be as most routers ship with it set as the default internal IP Address. When you hit return, you will see the command screen now pinging the router with 65500 bytes each ping. This is the most basic attack anyone can do to any target, whether it be a router or direct computer attack. When targeting a computer on a network through a switch or router, generally the router/switch will take the brunt of the attack and could cause it to crash, resulting in a hard reset.

Method#2 Perform dos attack/Ddos attack using free Ddos/dos attacking tools:

#1 DoSHTTP- for windows

It is an easy to use and powerful HTTP Flood Denial of Service (DoS) Tool for Windows. DoSHTTP can be used simultaneously on multiple clients to emulate a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. DoSHTTP was developed by certified IT Security and Software Development professionals.

Download DoSHTTP

#2. LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon)

LOIC is one of the most common and popular tool to perform dos attack which is freely available on the Internet. This tool was used by the popular hackers group Anonymous against many big companies’ networks last year. Anonymous has not only used this tool, but also requested Internet users to join their DDOS attack via IRC.

Download LOIC 

#3 DDOSIM—Layer 7 DDOS Simulator

DDOSIM is another popular DOS attacking tool to perform dos attack which comes after LOIC. As the name suggests, it is used to perform DDOS attacks by simulating several zombie hosts. All zombie hosts create full TCP connections to the target server. This tool is written in C++ language and it runs on Linux systems.

Download DDOSIM

#4 HULK (HTTP Unbearable Load King)

HULK is another popular  DOS attacking tool that generates a unique request for each and every generated request to obfuscated traffic at a web server. This tool uses many other techniques to avoid attack detection via known patterns.

Download HULK

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