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Watch torrent movies online without downloading it in Windows 7/8/10 and in Smartphones

watch torrent movies online without downloading blacklisthackerswatch torrent movies online without downloading blacklisthackers

Watch torrent movies online without downloading – Windows 7/8/10 and in Android Smartphones

Torrent are the most popular as well as powerful tool for downloading Bollywood ,Hollywood, Lollywood movies and other videos. You can search your favorite movies using the various torrent search sites and enjoy watching top rated movies at the convenience of your home. But the problem with the torrent is that many of the links provided in torrents are fake (fake because they generate some revenue out of it), which is quite difficult to identify.

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watch torrent movies online without downloading
Do not download fake torrent- stream and then proceed

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Some of the movie torrents come with sample video quality where you can check video quality (320,720,1080 etc) and download it, if it satisfies you. But what about rest?? I mean those torrents that don’t come with any sample! How will you identify between fake and real torrent? For this I’m going to tell some methods for which you can watch torrent movies online without actually downloading them.

watch torrent movies online without downloading-min
Watch torrent movies online without actually downloading it

Watch torrent movies online without downloading in Windows 7/8/10 using browsers Extension & Plugins:

TS(Torrent Stream) magic plays torrents online in the original quality without downloading.It works same as torrent,based on number of peers connected to us.If the peers are more and internet connection is good streaming will be fast.Or we can stream it for some time to check quality of the video,if the quality is good we can download that film or video using utorrent

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Downloading TS magic player: 

Step#1 Download and install TS magic player from

Step#2 Now install browsers Plugin/Extension

-Chrome users Click here
-Opera users Click here

Step#3 Now open your torrent URL
Step#4 Now you will see an option to play online

Step#5 If not visible then right click on “Download torrent link” and select “View Torrent Online”

Watch torrent movies online without downloading in Windows 7/8/10 using ROX Player:

Roxplayer is the latest media player arrived till now, with very creative and interesting concept of streaming torrent files. This player allows users to watch movies files from torrent without actually downloading them on their system i.e you can watch torrent movies online without downloading. The streaming works for both audio as well as video/movie files.

watch torrent movies online without downloading
watch torrent movies online without downloading it by using ROX player

What else comes with ROX Player?

# ROX player provides variety of supported protocols, including IPTV, DHT, P2P.

# ROX Player will turn your PC into TV. Enjoy High Definition Video in High Quality Player.

# Integrated network modules which allow ROX Player to play files from any place on the Internet.

ROX Player is supportable (XP/Vista/7/8/10) / Mac.

Stream Torrent Movies/Video to watch/play without downloading

Step#1 First Download Roxplayer from here (official website) and install it in your system.The installation takes not more than 1 minute of your time.

Step#2 Browse to the File Menu and Click on Open torrent which will certainly additionally reveal 3 various choices to choose the torrent source. In the screenshot below you can see I have actually picked torrent magnet link.

Step#3 Now after clicking the .torrent Magnet Link you will see a dialog where it asks you to paste the link to the Magnet URL.

Step#4 After you have imported torrent file or link, it takes 40-60 seconds to start the stream depends upon your internet speed. So wait few seconds and give the software some times to buffer the file and load the video.

Watch torrent videos online without downloading on Android Smartphone:

If you wish to watch free movies & videos or listen to music online then download Torrent Video Player- TVP Free from here and install it. Just open torrent file or magnet link from your favorite browser (uc/opera/chrome) and watch torrent movies online without downloading and enjoy the show ‒ it plays and downloads at the same time.

Watch torrent movies online without downloading it using TVP player for Android

Torrent Video Player- TVP Steps to follow:

Step#1 Find torrent you want to watch (use your favorite torrent tracker or just search in Google).

Step#2 Download and open torrent file or just click on magnet link

Step#3 Wait few minutes while Torrent Video Player buffers the video

Step#4 Enjoy the video! You can pause or seek as usual

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