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How to increase RAM in Android phone using FREE Apps

increase RAM in Android phoneHow to increase RAM in Android phone using FREE Apps

Top effective ways Ways to Increase RAM in Android phone using FREE Apps with/without Rooting:

Expensive Android smartphone is all you need for daily use and even for watching HD movies and playing HD Games (here i meant games more than 1 Gb). The great thing about the Android OS is that you can easily find millions of Paid apps (get PAID Apps for FREE) as well as Free apps on Google Play Store. These apps are run by almost all Android users and there isn’t much to complain about. However, in order to run high performance apps such as or full HD games, your Android device needs to have premium specifications such as a decent processor and enough RAM, but these features  and specification are not found in Chinese phones. That’s why we’re going to show you how to increase RAM in Android phone-this tutorial is for those who keep asking how can i increase the ram of my android phone, how to increase performance of android phone, can we increase the ram of android mobile, how to make your android phone run faster, how can increase RAM in Samsung,Sony,Lava,Micromax ,Chinese phones android phones. But before starting with this, one should be clear off the basic topics:

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increase RAM in Android phone
Top effective ways Ways to Increase RAM in Android phone using FREE Apps with/without Rooting:

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  • What Is RAM In Android Phone
  • How RAM works in Android Phone
  • Why there is need to increase RAM in Android phone
  • What Is RAM In Android Phone
increase RAM in Android phone
RAM in Android Phones

As most of us know RAM is known as Random Access Memory, it is same in Computer as well as in Android smartphones.RAM is one of the most essential features of a device and even if the processor is top-notch and you don’t have enough RAM, then having that processor is almost useless. It is faster memory compared to your permanent storage which includes your SD card Internal and External. When your processor computes data it is faster to retrieve data required for processing from your RAM rather than to load it from your permanent storage which takes time. Also it is less taxing on the battery of your phone when your CPU retrieves data from RAM rather than from Storage.

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  • How RAM works in Android Phone (Working of RAM in Android Phones)

The RAM works quite different on your android phones than on your PC which most of us basic users are better acquainted with. The Apps that you download and install are first loaded in the RAM and then executed. Those Apps remain in the RAM after you are no longer using them and they have been shifted to background. The next time you use those apps they will be available for fast retrieval from RAM unless they have been removed. With continuous usage, the Apps that you use most frequently get placed on your RAM that is IF you have enough RAM.

  • Why there is need to increase RAM in Android phone

Increase RAM in Android phone will definitely boost the performance in android phone as you can keep more apps in the RAM and they can be quickly and effectively loaded, however if you have a 512 MB RAM and you are using only 200 MB for Apps, then if you hypothetically, say, add 2 GB of RAM (not practically possible) then your performance won’t improve. If you are not using much of your RAM and your performance is not up to the mark, it is most probably due to some rogue App which is taxing your system resources Unethically.

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In simple words -the greater the RAM,  the more apps you can run simultaneously and the less lag you get while using these apps. Budget Android devices don’t have enough RAM to run high performance apps but you can easily increase RAM in Android phone devices by following one of the methods given below:

Handy tips to Optimize free amount of RAM in your android phone using FREE Apps and Setting: Increase RAM in Android phone without Rooting

increase RAM in Android phone
Optimize free amount of RAM in your android phone using Apps and Setting

This is one of best the method to increase RAM in Android phone without actually rooting it. The pre-installed crap apps known as Bloatwares taks up a lot of mobile space. You can disable these apps to increase amount of free space in RAM.

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# 1. Disable useless running background apps in your Android mobile:

How to Disable Bloatware in Android mobile?

  1. Go to Application Manager.
  2. Click on any useless app.
  3. Click on Disable or Uninstall.

Increase ram in android phone using FREE app:

#2 Use Greenify:

You can use Greenify to increase RAM in Android phone.These apps to improve phone performance android, basically, this android app put apps into hibernation and prevent these apps from running into background into RAM of your android mobile. You can download Greenify app from Play Store to make your android phone run faster.

#3 Using RAM Killer apps:

You can use RAM Killer apps to increase RAM in Android phone.Using RAM Killer apps to improve phone performance android. Though, this method is not advisable to apply as it can cause some problems as well like Low battery backup etc. But If you are continuously facing problem of low amount of ram, than you can clear your ram once or twice a day.

Task Killer Lite is really useful for uninstalling apps, making it much easier than the native workflow – but beyond this simple function, there’s not much in the lite version.Task Killer Lite improve performance of android phone.

Android AutoClean is one of my best app to improve performance of android phone due to two reasons: the ability for me to schedule my phone, SMS, and web search history to be cleared is a lifesaver, and the one-click to move apps to my SD card is really convenient.

Android Booster Free is another best app for freeing up memory and improving android phone performance although not automatically – but it is free.

#4  Total RAM Booster Free:

Total RAM Booster make your android phone run at faster rate .The intelligently designed booster engine will keep eye on RAM used by apps that are on background, and freezes/kills the background tasks which will end up in giving the “forefront” app a big RAM usability share [i.e the top most displayed app/game will get more RAM share and resources]. Thus when playing high end games, if you feel that your device is slow or lagging, just minimize the app/game and boost your RAM using TRB or just use TRB widget for that lightning speed gaming experience.

#3 Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM Booster such a nice must have app, its configurable widget that places on top of any app and one-click to RAM boost. RAM Booster is designed to make your android phone run faster and to overcome these issues by selectively kill less important apps that are running in the background but consumes considerable device’s memory. Smart RAM Booster works with 4 Boost Levels.

How to increase RAM in Android phone using Free Apps with Rooting:

Slow device? Can’t play high end games? RAM got eaten up fast? This is the app for you. Give your device the lighting speed in one tap! A must have tool for all Android users. Just try it and feel the difference in speed. It’s FREE!

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increase RAM in Android phone
Increase RAM in Android phone using Free Apps with Rooting:

#1 RAM Expander

RAM expander is an application uses part of your SD card as RAM and speed up your phone but you must have the large memory card. Just think SD card can be RAM of your android devices which supports SWAP technology.

# Step 1: Download the Apps from Android Market.

# Step 2 : Launch ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER App & Grant Root Permissions to the app normally. if your phone is not rooted, then it will show you error message. so root is must. after give it root permission, now proceed to next steps.

# Step 3: From there, Just Click on “Swap Activ” Button It will show you Some storage devices, you have to select your memory card from this list. which will be also known as sdcard0 in my case. so after select your memory card, proceed to next steps, after choosing your memory card, Now click on “Swap Activ button again.

# Step 4: Follow on Screen Instructions for Create Swap file of your Choice, Minimum 512 Mb Swapping Memory Is Recommended. so, now it will start creating 512 mb swap file in your memory card. it will take some time, depend on your memory card’s performance.

# Step 5: Now It will take some time to Create Swapping file, depend on your Phone & Memory Card’s Speed, Choose a Higher class memory card will be better, minimum class 4 memory card is recommended for use this app.

# Step 6: After it complete, click on the grey box to complete the process and activate SWAP in your android device.

Gentle-Medium- Strong- Aggressive

Gentle: kill only apps that uses considerable memory.
Medium: kill apps that consumes memory above an “average”

Strong: Kill apps that is low priority as well as consume lightly below an “average”

Aggressive: kill most of low priority apps. 

# Step 7: Now Run any heavy apps in your phone & Try to play some heavy games, you will also feel the difference, however, it will not show you ram increased in Settings – Apps – Running Tasks, because It’s Swapping memory which is taking place of ram for run heavy games or Software & boost your Performance

NOTE: This process will mean that the SD card is no longer accessible from a computer.


I’ve noticed on my Android phones that when I get close to my max CPU usage, everything slows down – apps, Internet connectivity, and even at times, my native search engines. Keeping your phone clean of clutter is essential to ensuring you have the best, fastest experience possible.

What are some of your favorite Android apps for improving efficiency, if i missed any do comment below!

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