The best way to kick people from wifi network in Android

How to kick people from wifi network in Android

How to kick people from wifi network in Android

With slow internet in college , you can’t do much with your expensive Smartphone. And a slow speed internet is just waste of time and life. In colleges you cannot expect a high speed internet (Read more about College Hacks). Being an Android user, I always keep on searching how to kick people from wifi connection that I use. As your WiFi’s uploading and downloading speed depends on how many users are connected to it, so to maintain WiFi  speed kicking off people from network is the only solution.  So here I will teach you how to kick people from wifi in Android:

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How to kick people from wifi network in Android
How to kick people from wifi network in android


This post is only published for educational and learning purpose. These Android Apps should only be used on your Local WiFi network. It is not meant to be used with public WiFi networks. This software should not be misused and should not be used to play with any public wireless network security. I will be not be responsible for this action.

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How to kick people from wifi network in Android using NETCUT

Kick people off through the same wifi in Android using NetCut blacklisthackers
How to kick people from wifi in android device using NetCut blacklisthackers


You might have used “NetCut” tool in your windows to eject any WiFi device from network with one click.This application mostly used by students to save bandwidth in colleges or in any network where they want to disconnect all other users and use complete bandwidth for better speed or by some Network admins.

NetCut can also do the following things:

1: NetCut has an ability to analyse the wifi network.

2: Using NetCut you can find Mac address, IP address and brand name of all the devices connected to your wifi network and even change their MAC address.

3: NetCut can disable the internet connection for any device connected to your wifi network that you specify.

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Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Download and install Netcut

Step 2: Once installed open it.

Step 3: Grant it SuperUser permission or else it won’t work.

Step 4: After permission is granted , let Netcut For Android read all the device using the same Wifi Network.

Step 5: Once all the device is properly detected (takes about couple of minutes depending on how many users have access to the Wifi Network) just click on the various IP’s you wanna block,  you can click on few or you can cut everyones access to the internet.

Step 6: That’s it , once you click on the IP’s , the selected IP’s wont have the access to net anymore until and unless they either change their IP or you resume their IP.

How to kick people from wifi in Android using WiFiKill:

Another android application called “WiFiKill v1.7” , is the best alternate version of NetCut for Android which simply allows you to scan your wifi network for devices, see their vendor and cut network connection for specified devices. This way you can get rid of network hoggers. It gives option to redirect HTTP traffic to specific IP, this feature can be used even to do phishing smartly. Using the app, you can temporarily “kick” people out from your WiFi. The funny, but interesting part is, you can do this on ANY WiFi network. This app to kick people off wifi works as follows:-

how to kick people from wifi blacklisthackers
How to kick people from wifi in an android device using WiFiKill-blacklisthackers

If your device is already rooted and is running on Android 4.0 or higher, you’re in luck because all you have to do is just download and install it. If yours isn’t rooted yet, you can follow this easy to do guide on how to root your Android device.

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Steps to follow:

Step 1: Simply download the WiFIKill Downloader App here.

Step 2: Once downloaded, simply install and run it. You will just have to select “Download and Install Free version” to try out the free version of the app and to see if you want more out of it. The free version has ads and the “timeout” limit is only limited to 5 minutes.  No more, no less, but this should be enough to stop anybody from attempting to reconnect. The paid version doesn’t have any ads and you can set the timeout for any amount of time.

Step 3: Once you launch the app, you will be presented with a list of connected devices to a certain WiFI network, You can tap “Grab All” to view details on each of these devices to have a clue on which device they are and how much bandwidth they are using on the network, as well as the most recently visited sites.

Step 4: Simply tap “Kill All” to kick them all out at once, but this is a bit suspicious, especially if you’re the only one left connected, so kicking them out one by one would be the wiser decision. Just pinpoint those who are hogging most of the resources.

So that’s all my friends. I hope this post to kick people off wifi was beneficial to you. Please share your thoughts in comments.

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