23 Best Ways To Master Google Maps Without Breaking A Sweat

20+ Best ways to master Google Maps-Google Maps Tips and Tricks 2016

Best Google Maps tricks and tips for Android and Iphone users: It is time consuming to ask or search for google maps tricks and tips for android and about your favorite or required place directions and it is difficult to previously make a chart of distance and time of roaming around the places. This problem is no more long because Google discovered a new feature called Google Maps. Google maps tricks and tips for android is a complete article which is provided to mankind for travelling virtually all around the world. Before Google maps did not existed humans would have never ever thought that their minds and virtual bodies could travel all around their favorite cities; and after the introduction of “Street views” people can virtually walk around the streets of their cities. Not only this, with the help of Google maps people can find the real time traffic conditions, perform local business searches etc. however this is not all which can be done with Google Maps, there are many other options which you can try with it and see the magic. So in this article we will show some magics by discussing 20+ best google maps tricks and tips 2016

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google maps tricks and tips
Best google maps tricks and tips for android users

In every period Google makes many changes to his maps so it is easy to discover places. Google is pushing out a pretty decent new feature to Google Maps this week, called Driving mode. The mode attempts to help you decide if now would be a good time to leave for home or to the gym or to other favorite destinations or to stay put. It provides quick overviews on ETAs, traffic updates, etc.

Do You Know: How much data has Google Maps accumulated?

google earth

Combining satellite, aerial and street level imagery, Google Maps has over 20 petabytes of data, which is equal to approximately 21 million gigabytes, or around 20,500 terabytes.

Source: http://mashable.com/

The new Driving option can be found in the slide out menu in Google Maps or you can create a shortcut to it on your home screen, as it will show up as an option in your home screen widget picker after updating to the newest version of Maps. Also use google maps offline for android download.So Before wasting time lets talk about Best Ways To Master Google Maps given below:

Google Map is the online mapping powerful tool which is loaded with tons of unknown surprise, just by connecting the GPS in your Smartphone. It helps you to easily find the location of destination and get the right direction to the place you want to reach. You can even discover places in the any place of the world and also you can use offline google maps for android download. Google Map helps you to avoid traffic when you’re driving and it will show the alternate path for it. But in this article, I have few things that you need to know if you are a Google Map user.  google-maps-icon

List of Best Google Maps Tricks and Tips 2016:

#1 Offline Maps Creation-Save Maps and Access them from Offline:

This feature helps you to see the map of a particular location even when you don’t have an internet access. If you note any important place you want to refer anytime or if you’re in another country and don’t want to get hit with expensive data overage fees that you want to remember for future reference, just save the location in Google. Search for your location on Google Maps and click “Save” on the business’s information card. Then when you want to access the location again, just look under “Your Places” in the Google Maps menu.

google maps tricks and tips blacklisthackers
google maps tricks and tips- Offline Maps Creation

To save an area for offline use, tap the search bar and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Save map to use offline. You’ll be taken back to the map with a prompt to pan and zoom to the area you want to save — everything viewable on the screen will be saved so long as it isn’t too big. Tap Save offline map, give the map a name, and it will remain on your device for 30 days before it’s deleted.

Keep in mind that the downloaded maps don’t include points of interest or navigation — you’re just getting raw map data for the area and nothing more. You may want to consider an alternative mapping app if you need full offline navigation, but for quick times without connectivity this will work for many people

#2 Use single hand for Zoom-in

When using Google maps on your android device with one hand and the other hand busy, just tapping the navigation maps can be useful for zooming-in the Google maps. Hold your finger onto the screen after second tap and zoom-in or navigate easily after that.

#3 Find important locations such as ATMs, grocery stores, medical shops

Now you can easily find ATMs, grocery stores, medical shops, car servicing and similar businesses of your need just by clicking on the search bar of Google maps and tapping the required business option like ATMs, medical shops, restaurants etc.

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#4 Mark Locations for recalling later

Once you’ve found a location of your interest you can long press the Google map over there, drop the pin and tap on the bottom bar for revealing complete information and then saving star on it. The location will be automatically added on “Your Places” for recalling later.

#5 Get different views by advanced swipes

When using Google maps on Android device you can use some simple swipes to get top view flat view etc. Use two fingers to swipe on the screen to get a flatter view and run the fingers in opposite direction to get the top-down view.

#6 Use voice commands for navigation

When navigating on your Android device while driving you can simply give voice commands and reducing the number of taps. Simply command “Navigate to (PLACE)” and get desired results. A few versions back Google Maps added the ability to give voice commands while navigating, lowering the number of taps it would take to get things done in the car or on your bike. While navigating, a single tap on the microphone button will let you then speak to the phone rather than taking additional taps to get things done. Try out these different voice commands:

  • What is my next turn?
  • Navigate to [place]
  • Hide traffic
  • Show alternate routes
  • When will I get there?
  • How is traffic ahead?
  • What’s my next turn?
  • Show route overview

#7 Manage your search history

Google maintains a well detailed record of whatever activities you are performing in Google maps. You can get the details of your search history, Google.com/history.

#8 Easy switch for god view

Easy switch can be made between Google maps and its cousin Google Earth by clicking “earth” inset placed at bottom-left corner.

#9 Tilt the view option

Look for the tilt-view option on the right hand side, click on it and you can virtually fly about just anywhere across the world.

#10 Drag ‘n’ Zoom:

It allows you to zoom in on a specific location of the map by drawing a box on the map with the cursor. Click on Drag ‘n’ Zoom button. Activate this feature to drag and draw a rectangle above the place where you want to zoom in. After clicking it, drag on the map with the help of mouse and make a rectangle. It’ll automatically zoom out.

#11 Add your Home and Work Locations:

You can able to save the location of your home and work place, so that you can easily refer or send your location to your friends. This will make it easy for you to navigate by simply typing or saying “Take me home”. Google also uses these locations for weather and traffic information in Google Now. The process is so simple. Open Google Maps then Swipe in from the left and tap Settings. Go to Edit home or work and Simply tap to edit the addresses.

#12 Launch Navigation Mode:

If you are driving in a car or a bike, you cant able to concentrate on searching the place in the map or in driving there is an alternative idea too. Just launch the navigation mode faster, hold down the blue transportation icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

google maps tricks and tips
google maps tricks and tips -navigation

Locate the place in your city or in any other country, just tap the location you want to go when you have internet connection. Then tap what Google refers to as the Place Sheet at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap “download” on the right. You’ll then see a window that will show the area that it will download. That window is adjustable, but the bigger the area, the larger the file size. Now, you’ll be able to use Google Maps for driving directions and even search for addresses, when you don’t have a connection to the internet.

#13 Easily recall all the places you have been

If you have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, the Your Timeline feature will be able to show exactly where you have been on a given day, month or year, including the routes you took and the addresses that you visited. Available on desktop and Android.
For Google to track you, you must enable Location History. Sign into Google Maps on your computer > My Accounts >Personal info & privacy > scroll to Places you go. The slider is blue if Location History is on.
To view your Timeline, click Manage Activity below the slider and input the specific date.

#14 Shop during the quiet times

You can avoid the busiest times of a store but checking out the business’s information page and scrolling down to thebusiness hours’ graph that will show the busiest days and times for that particular store. The feature is available on desktop, Android and iOS.

#15 Check what the typical traffic is like on your route

A feature that Google Maps has had for a while is the ability to check out what the typical traffic patterns are like for a certain route, allowing you to plan ahead and adjust your departure time. The feature only works on desktop and not on the mobile apps.
Click on the three lines in the search bar > Traffic > Live traffic > Typical traffic > pick the day of the week and time and you will see what the traffic patterns are like.

#16 Making a detour just got simpler

Google Maps for Android allows you to search for nearby gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops etc. without leaving navigation mode. If you search for a gas station, Google Maps for both Android and iOS will show you the gas prices so you can get the cheapest option.
When you are in navigation mode, simply tap the search button and choose an item from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, use voice search to find something more specific.

#17 Send directions to your device

Be prepared for your trip and send directions from your computer through to your smartphone or tablet.
Find your destination on the desktop version of Google Maps > Send to Phone > select your device > you will receive a link on your device to the mobile version of Google Maps. Ensure you log into the same Google Maps account on both your desktop and device.

#18 Find the restroom in a busy shopping mall

Finding a restroom in a busy shopping mall, convention center, airport or sports arena is as simple as looking on Google Maps. Zoom into a large indoor space on the desktop or mobile version of Google Maps and see whether an indoor map is available, using your smartphone you can also switch between the different floors.

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#19 Never miss your bus again

Google Maps offers real-time transit information, including live arrivals for buses, metros, subway systems and canceled routes, for major cities around the world. Maps transits includes 18,000 cities, including Budapest, Chicago and Seattle, across 70 countries.

#20 Google Maps On Android Will Now Show A Dedicated Ride-Sharing Tab

Ride-Sharing is getting a promotion. Starting today, the option will appear as its own dedicated tab inside Google Maps. Here it will sit alongside driving, taking public transportation, and walking. The ride-sharing tab will attempt to pull up whichever options are available in your area. One example image shows Uber and 99Taxis in Sao Paulo. Google Maps displays the price of each option and how far away, in time, the nearest vehicle is. Previously Uber information appeared under public transportation, alongside bus and subway routes. Google says the feature will start rolling out to Android users over the next few days, so if you don’t see it yet, hopefully it’s only a few minutes away. 

#21 Adjust your Depart or Arrive time for Public Transit

Public transit is usually a great (and much less expensive) way to get around big cities, but it often takes a little extra planning to get a trip ready. With Google Maps you’re not restricted to searching for bus, train and subway times for right now — you can get information for public transit to leave by or arrive at a specific time.
Once you put in your start and end points in the public transit view of Google Maps, tap the Depart at… button in the upper-left to launch the time selector. You can then enter a specific time that you intend to depart or arrive at the selected destination, including days in the future if you’re a big planner. If you plan on having a late night out, you can tap the Last option in the top-right corner to see the last possible public transit route to get back home.

#22 Tap the Compass to switch between locked view and your own view

google maps tricks and tips blacklisthackers
google maps tricks and tips-google map with compass feature

Different people prefer different ways of using their maps. Some prefer to always have the map looking North, while others want it pointed the way they’re looking. Thankfully you can switch between the two modes by simply tapping on the compass icon in the bottom-right corner. Your phone may not always know exactly which way it’s facing at first, but it can figure it out pretty quickly in most cases. And for those who prefer to use that method for getting around, it’s a big time saver.

#23 Star locations to Quickly to recall later

Whether you want to remember a restaurant that a friend recommended, mark a spot on the beach that was particularly nice or maybe remember where you parked the car, you can “star” locations in Google Maps to keep tabs on them. Whether you pull up a specific point of interest or just long-press on the map to drop a pin on an arbitrary place, tap on the bottom bar to reveal information on that place and then tap the save star. The location will then be added to the “Your places” list found in both the Google Maps app and website. Starred locations will show up as suggestions when searching in Maps, and will also show on the map when browsing in that area.

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