How to Get 250 Facebook likes in one click-10000% (UPDATED)

250+ facebook likes free

How to get 250+ Facebook likes in one click-get likes in your status,comments,photos working 10000%(UPDATED)-Get more than 1K likes in Facebook

Howdy Guys? My previous post How to get more than 5000 Facebook friends in one click (100% Working trick) observed a very nice response from you all. This encouraged me in bringing up something that will intrigue your interests even more. My today’s article is on getting a high number of Facebook likes on your pictures, statuses, comments, etc. Yeah friends you read it right, I am going to teach you to get 250+ facebook likes in one click and moreover with this trick you can also get 1000+ free facebook likes in your photos,status,comments. These likes are applicable on your Facebook pictures, statutes, videos, etc and one more about this Facebook Autoliker trick 2016 is its SPAM Free. 

250+ free facebook likes in one click

From lot of research finally I found a way to get 250+ Facebook likes in a single click get likes in your status,comments,photos working 10000% . Are you tired of waiting for your friends to like your pictures, posts on Facebook? Do you wanna get famous on Facebook social networking site? Well, actually, everybody wishes to have loads of likes and followers on their pictures, statuses, posts on Facebook profile. If you too are one of those, then you are at the right place. Here you will learn a trick to get 250+ Facebook likes in one click.

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Just follow these simple steps to get FREE 250+ Facebook likes:-

#Step 1 Firstly log in to your Facebook account using Google Chrome Browser. Then go to your follower settingsA direct link is given. Make sure you change your “Who can follow me” to “everybody”Please do as depicted in the picture below:

250+ facebook likes

#Step 2 Now create a Status or upload a picture in your Profile for which you want to receive 250+ facebook likes.

#Step 3 After that,you have to collect your UNIQUE Access Token which will generate 250+ facebook likes on your likes and followers on pictures, statuses, posts on Facebook profile. (This is a UNIQUE Access Token which will generate more likes as compared to NORMAL Access Token)


Wait for a second short link ad will appear which you will need to skip (After 5 seconds you can skip it). After that you will land to the page shown in the picture. The app will seek permission from you. Click on “Okay”.

#Step 4  Select the link in the address bar and copy it (Ctrl+C). This link is your actual token. See the picture below.

Actual Token


#Step 5 Now Click on this link to get to the page where you will enter your access token.

Paste Your Access Token Below

#Step 6 Paste your UNIQUE Access Code here and click on LOGIN.

#Step 7 Now You will need a status ID to enter. You can generate it by clicking on the DATE & TIME if you want to generate likes on links if not then there is no need to find your custom id. It will set by default later on Step 8.

Find facebook custom id

Status ID

#Step 8 In the box named “Enter your status ID below”, Enter the required ID and press “Autolike”.


Wait for a few seconds. Boom!! You have a shower of likes on your pictures, statutes, comments.  Wasn’t this an easy trick? Don’t forget to check Get 1000+ Likes in Facebook – 100% Working Auto Like Trick as this is also one of our working and popular tricks. Proof is given below:

proof of 250+ facebook likes

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article. This is a tried and tested trick that works 200%. With this trick you can easily get 250+ Facebook likes in one click.



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