How to become a Hacker?

Introduction to How to become an Ethical Hacker Campaign -BlackListHackers- Season 1-[GUIDELINES]

Introduction to How to become an Ethical Hacker Campaign -BlackListHackers- Season 1-[GUIDELINES]

Hi guys. What’s up? All is well we assume. OK, So today’s article is on a much awaited topic. As promised we will be going to give you a detailed note on How to become an Ethical Hacker. Yes guys, you read it right. These coming few weeks we’ll be going to tell you the whole nine yards about ethical hacking. The Hacking Tutorial will be divided into a number of articles as it is not possible to cover everything under a single article.

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Are you interested in becoming a professional Certified Ethical Hacker? Do you want to learn the latest tools, techniques and methods related to Ethical Hacking? If YES is your answer, then you are at the right place.

NOTE: This is a tutorial. It will enhance your theoretical knowledge and help you apply it practically. If you really want to know every inch about hacking, you have to be a little patient and cooperative. You cannot miraculously become a hacker. It takes time to understand things and get involved in them. Just go through each article with full concentration. It will definitely help you.

We can give you 100% assurance that if you are willing to become a ethical hacker, we’ll help you and will show our best. We will teach you whatever we know, and if not possible we will learn and then share with you because no one is perfect but experts always EXIST. Most people are inspired to become a hacker but they don’t know where to start from. Being a Hacker as per media is bad but when you go inside you will know the truth. We will still help you to explore the same. We are hackers and started hacking ever since birth but never able to realized the hackers inside ourselves. But you will now, because we will act as a GURU.

As well said by Tim Notke :


Still we receive many question about How to become an Ethical  Hacker. Its really very embarrassing at first but then we realize about admiring people’s willingness to learn about ethical hacking  and most of you will not believe but we decided to start our campaign again for you all as we didn’t wanna hurt feelings of the learners.

It has being a long time since we first started the campaign. Because of personal reasons and hectic schedule, we had to turn down the programs but now we have time for my friends, users and learners. And good news is we are again starting Campaign.


Blacklisthackers will provide a desciptive article on each topic starting from the very basics and we will be more practical this time than theoretical but focus will always remain on concepts.

Few Points to remember:

  1. Every week we will discover two topics in a chain which will be published on Saturday Sunday.
  2. We will provide you all live OS station and will provide practical hacking techniques and will tell you how to implement them.
  3. We will provide you Easy downloadable PDF of each article.
  4. We will be introducing easy contact feature on WhatsApp group.
  5. All Hacking tools and tutorials will be demonstrated .
  6. We will teach both offensive and defensive hacking techniques.
  7. We will conduct Hacking Exams Online both theoretical and Practical ( all exams will be having prizes for winners).
  8. Most Important, Everything is free and open to all. So feel free to join and learn Hacking with Blacklisthackers.

The inauguration of blacklisthackers is Planned on 31 dec 2015. You all will receive updates from our newsletter for free.Because when we said we will make you Hacker then our duty will end when you will become a Hacker. All the ideas are heartily welcomed and we will try our best to incorporate all the ideas suggested regarding the group and knowledge sharing, infrastructure or any thing related.

Guys we are starting this campaign to help you to find a hacker hidden inside you, so be extrovert enough to be a part of this campaign. We are also inviting all experts to be a part of this campaign because it’s knowledge and it only grows when you share.

This is just a introduction to what we are upto and what we are going to start. Don’t worry we will not disappoint you during this period, you will regularly get updates on Blacklisthackers and will continually get latest Hacking articles other than our campaign. So be a part of our Family.

the authorHarinder is created and owned by Harinder(Aarav).Aarav is a technology Blogger from India(Dehradun). He’s Quiet type and Creative Guy who enjoys creating and exploring new trends on the WEB. Currently pursuing from DIT University.


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