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Take Advantage Of Changing to i11 Processor In System Properties

change processor nameTake Advantage Of Changing to i9 Processor Name In System Properties

Apply These Secret Techniques To Change Processor Name to i12 In System Properties

Change processor name: A laptop or computer processing speed strongly affects its overall performance. The speed of a processor in a contemporary computer is about four million times faster than the earliest chips from the 1970s. A faster processor performs simple tasks more quickly than a slow one and it makes sophisticated applications quick enough to be practical. The processor itself is not the only factor involved in a computer’s performance however, memory and hard drive speed also come into play. In this tutorial we will be working for increasing computer processor speed, although its fake but will work definitely.

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change processor name
Take Advantage Of Changing to i11 Processor Name In System Properties

This Post Comprises:

  • Change Your Computer’s Processor or Pentium Name Permanently
  • Display Fake Cpu Configuration on System Properties
  • Change processor name in system properties permanently
  • Display fake processor configuration on system properties
  • Change processor speed name in windows 7/8/10 Permanently
  • Change the cpu name displayed in system properties

Most of my friends are impressed with my Hacking laptop configuration that I use, its the latest one which contains i7 processor (fifth generation) with 8 GB of RAM but when I want to prove them that i9 and i12 is also available these days, then the freaks are going to believe that too, because I am aware of this trick -how to change processor name in system properties permanently.This means when someone opens the System Property of your computer then they will find something influencing, something unbelievable. This trick is to fool your friends by showing them a different name of your processor then just follow this simple trick. This trick can be applicable to any OS i.e Windows 7/8/10 .For your convenience steps have been discuss below:

How to change processor name permanently

Steps you have to perform:

#1 Open Notepad file (Start-Run-type Notepad and hit enter) and Copy and Paste below code into file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“ProcessorNameString”=”Intel(R) Core(TM) i12-3470 CPU @ 32.5GHz ”

Change processor name step 1


Change the bold text with anything that you want to show as processor name.

#2 Save the file with .reg extension, such as “anyname.reg”.

Change processor name step 2# 3 Double click on file. You will get two prompt, Just allow them to install registry key.

Change processor name step 3

#4 Now check whether name has assigned to processor. Press “Windows +Pause/Break” button to open My computer Properties OR right click on My Computer and select “Properties”.

Change processor name step 4

#5 You should get the processor name that you have assigned with registry key.

Change processor name step 5

This is the end of the session, but the problem is that the processor name reverts back to default whenever the users restart his computer. So the solution to this is to place the file in start up folder, so whenever system will boot, the registry key will automatically will get installed.

#6 For the Startup step Copy or cut the registry file just created above and paste it in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP) or to C:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista). Replace User-Name with the current user id of user.

#7 Done, now check whether its working or not.

How to hack Computer Processor Speed:

In this second part I’m gonna tell you a trick to hack computer processing speed using Notepad. You might have lot of problems sometimes that your computer not responding. You can use this trick and avoid that, it’s an easy task to do:

  • At first open notepad.
  • Then type the code bellow.


  • Now save the file as cleanRam.vbs
  • That’s it open the file (double click) and you are done.

By adding this .vbs file embedded with the right code could actually speed up a PC. A .vbs extension is an extension associated with VBScript files. VBScript is a scripting language for Microsoft. In layman’s speak, VBScript is capable of communicating and issuing commands to your PC’s Microsoft Windows operating system via a certain set of codes.

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Apparently, VBScript has a certain code for telling the operating system to detect and “free up” unused RAM in your PC. And that exactly is the code embedded within the vbs file discussed in this article. When you run the .vbs file in your computer, it forces the computer to clear the “idle” data stored in RAM or the data left by programs you recently used and terminated. With additional vacant RAM, you will now have more RAM to allot to programs you wish to run.

The cleared up idle data is not totally terminated. It is relegated to the “virtual memory” or swap file of the PC. A virtual memory is a portion of your PC’s hard disk that is used by the operating system as if it was an extension of the RAM. Because hard disks have relatively slower access rates than the true physical RAM, it is not advisable to use excessive amounts of virtual memory for running programs as it bogs down the PC. In this case, because what we are trying to get rid of are data that are not essential for any presently running programs or processes, it is okay to utilize the virtual memory.

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