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Apply These Secret Techniques to pickup fastest torrent from torrent sites

pickup fastest torrentSpeed Up Your Downloads by Choosing the Fastest Torrents

How to choose best healthy torrent from torrent sites

Questioning  Whats the best way to pickup the fastest torrent? I know most of you are searching for this question to download the fastest torrent, but you can apply some hacks to pickup fastest torrent by the way they are not technical, just some minor tweaks. Well if you don’t know let me give intro about BitTorrent-It is a process of peer-to-peer file sharing which became a solution many problem of downloading gigantic files. One big advantage of BitTorrent is that no large central server is required to distribute files to those who want them all you need is your PC / Mac and now Smartphone’s too. What you’re downloading (and sharing) are pieces of large files—TV, movies, videos, games, books, articles, photos, etc. All you need to do is find what interests you, choose the best source, then click the link download the “.torrent” file and follow the client instructions. So beside this the main problem which comes is Choosing best healthy torrent file. So If you follow some basic rules BitTorrent it will definitely help you to select the best and fastest torrent file. In this tutorial we give some pointers on what torrents will guarantee to choose correct torrent file to get fast speed. This article is a solution to many question like:

  • What are seeds and peers in torrent
  • What does seeds and leechers does in downloading
  • What are seeders, leechers and peers and what are seeds/peers ratio
  • How to choose correct torrent file to get fast speed
  • What are the best ways to pickup fastest torrent

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pickup fastest torrent
How u pickup fastest torrent from a torrent site and check what one will download the fastest

So coming back to the topic-how u pick a torrent from a torrent site and check what one will download the fastest, what torrents perform the best and generally give you the fastest download speed? We’ll try to explain it as simply as possible leaving math out as much as possible so that it comes easy to pickup fastest torrent files.

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The fastest torrents will be those where downloaders (leechers) can tap into the most upload capacity. If you have a swarm (seeders and leechers) with a hundred people in total it will be faster when there are relatively more seeders. Why? Very simply it’s because seeders don’t download while their upload capacity is available for the leechers. To know more about Seeds and Leachers keep going.

What are Seeds and Leechers in Torrent and how do they help to pickup fastest torrent?

Number of seeds and leechers (peers) play an important role in determining the download speed of torrent file, this becomes easy to Speed Up Your Downloads by Choosing the Fastest Torrents. So what exactly are seeders and leechers in downloading?

pickup fastest torrent
What are Seeds and Leechers in Torrent and how do they help to pickup fastest torrent

What are seeds?

A seed is a client that has a complete copy of the data of a certain torrent. Once your BitTorrent client finishes downloading, it will remain open until you click the Finish button (or otherwise close it). This is known as being a seed or seeding. The more seeders the more connections can be made to the complete file and in this way you can pickup fastest torrent without having any problem with a downloading speed. This means a higher chance to choose correct torrent file to get fast speed. Let us consider a simple example. Only one pipe pouring water into a tank will take much time to be filled than six pipes pouring water simultaneously into the tank. Here, you are the tank and the pipes are the seeds.

What are leechers?

A leecher is a client that is currently downloading the data of a torrent. A leecher does not have the complete file, otherwise it would be called a seed. The more leechers means more people downloading it currently. This could slow downloading down if there are too many leechers VS seeders. You can download partial files from leachers (whatever they have downloaded already) but you can only get 100% when there are seeders who have already completed the download sharing it.

What are “Peers”?

Peers, also called as Leeches are the people who are downloading the same file just like you but they may be located anywhere in the world. The process is called Leeching. The leeching process sometime may affect the download speed if there are more peers (leeches) and less seeds.

Hence, in order to pickup fastest torrent, you must select the torrent that has more seeds and less leeches rather than selecting a new torrent file. Peers may also have some part of the file that you do not have and you may have some that they don’t have. In such a case, you can share your files with them and they with you.

Do remember the golden rule:

  • Higher the number of seeders, healthier the torrent, and this will you to pickup fastest torrent. Lesser the number seeders, weaker the torrent, and slower the download speed. Well, if you want to download or upload a torrent file, you must check the health of a torrent first. You can determine the health of a torrent by checking the number of seeders active on a particular torrent.
  • If the number of leechers is greater than the number of seeders, the torrent will be considered as a weak torrent, and the speed of torrent download will be relatively slow.
  • But there is another important thing to remember, the speed of the sever also matters. If the speed of the internet connection is not up to the mark, then you will experience a slower torrent speed as well.  VPN also Speed Up Your Downloads by Choosing the Fastest Torrents. To know more about Virtual Private Network read my last article-What is VPN connection and why VPN is important to use
  • If you want to download or upload torrents anonymously, you can opt for a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Remember to opt for a VPN that supports peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing mechanism.
  • Do not try to limit your upload and download rate which may affect your downloading speed. After finishing your download, it is a good practice not to click stop. You will be seeding automatically and help others as a seed. But, if you click stop you will not be seeded.
  • With a fast, reliable, and cost-effective VPN connection in place, you can download or upload torrents with complete anonymity and security, without any fear of being caught on the web.
  • If there are many leechers than seeders the files uploaded by the seeder will be divided among the leechers. Example: if there is 1 seeder and 3 leechers and if the seeder uploads 100 kb/s, it will be divided to the 3 leechers. So you will only have 33.33 kb/s speed in your downloading.

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