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With a single click Invite All Facebook Friends To Your Page,Event,Group

invite all friends

With a single click Invite All Friends To Your Page,Event and Join Groups all at once:

No matter, how large your organisation or firm is there is always a need to increase facebook page likes to Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page; one of the best way to promote a business online is by making use of Social Media. No doubt Facebook is the one of best and most popular social networking website with over 1.55 billion monthly active users. People love to spent their time on Facebook as they love to chat on Facebook and like ,comment, share on Facebook pages posts. Instead of profile you can also create a business page or other pages on Facebook. Every Company have their own official Facebook page and even BlackListHackers have their own Official Facebook Page. There are many pages on Facebook and you can also create your own by going to Facebook.com/page. Creating a page on Facebook is quite easy task but when it comes to increase likes on Facebook page is really a big task (beside this you can read my previous article on How To get 250+ likes on facebook in a single click to get more likes on your profile) but the very first step to get likes on Facebook is to Invite All Facebook Friends To Your Facebook Page At Once which are present on your ID. If you have less number of friends then you can Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page manually i.e invites all friend to like Facebook page one by one. But if you have thousands of friends, how to invite all your friends to like a page on facebook in single click? How can you invites all facebook friends to like your fb page ? If you invite them one by one, then it will take too much time to invites all friend to like Facebook page .With this trick you can Save lot of time invite friends to like a facebook page at once and now you don’t need to select every single friend and invite them to your page event or group with this method you can like your Facebook page in Single Click without any kind of script which means you can invite friends to like a page on facebook in one click.

invite all friends

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Invite all your friends to like a page on facebook in single click without using script:

As from Title Explains- Invite All Friends on Facebook in Single click , This Way of Sending Invite to like page to all friends in one click, is based on the Chrome Extension, which is the one of the safest method ever. If you are looking for easiest way ever, to increase number of likes in your Facebook Page, then you can Easily Follow This Tutorial to invite all friend to like Facebook page. This Tool Name is Facebook Social Toolkit, which you need to install in your Chrome Extension to use this Method. Have a look at Some Super cool features of this trick, then follow the step by step for increase likes in your Facebook page. Currently this trick to Send invite to all of your Facebook Friends in one click 2016 is working 100% working on google Chromes . All you have to do is just install and run this Chrome Extension. It is just few steps task which can get completed in less than 30 seconds. Okay lets invite all friends to like Facebook fanpage easily in just few simple mouse clicks.

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Features of Facebook Social Toolkit:

  • invite friends to like a facebook page that is not yours
  • invite all your friends to like a page on facebook in single click
  • like your Facebook page in Single Click without any kind of script
  • Invite All Facebook Friends to Like any Page

Features Of Invite all friends to Facebook page in one click Trick

Steps for Invite all friends to Facebook page in one click

Follow Below Step by step guide, for Send Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page in just one click without any kind of script.

  • In the very beginning Install Facebook Social Toolkit Free Version from Chrome Webstore.
  • After downloading Facebook Social Toolkit from above link, now It will ask you for add toolkit in your Chrome Browser.
invite all friends
Invite all friends using facebook social toolkit chrome extension
  • After successfully installing this Chrome Extension in your PC, it will show you a new icon, in your Chrome Browser. Now Open Facebook from your Browser.
  • As Soon your Open Facebook from your Chrome, Now Make Sure your Profile Language is set to English (US), you can change it from Settings.
  • Now, Click on Facebook Social Toolkit Icon from your Chrome Browser, and Select option of Invite Friends to Like your Page, Like Below Picture.

invite all friends

  • And Now It will Open a New Window, in which you need to Enter Facebook page ID, in which you want to add all your friends, page ID can be found in url provided- http://findmyfbid.com/
invite all friends
Enter Facebook page ID

Enter Facebook Page URL, and then it will show you ID of your Facebook Page.

  • After Enter Page ID, and Enter Delay Between Sending Requests. If you enter 60 here, it will wait 60 seconds and then send another invite. I recommend to use 10 seconds delay, it will fast up this process, but don’t enter lower time delay like 1 second etc, it can put your FB ID in risk.
  • And this tool will do his work, keep your Tab open while it send requests, an enjoy this method for send invite to your Facebook page from all your friends in one click.

Invite all friends to like Facebook Fanpage in one click using Mozilla Firefox Plugin:

This is another trick to increase your Facebook Fan page Likes quickly using Mozilla Firefox Plugin. So, using this Fan page Inviter JavaScript it takes less than 5 min, you can invite your all friends to like your Facebook Fan Page in a single click moreover its 100% working and 100% safe.

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To invite your friends to your Facebook Fan Page likes quickly using Mozilla Firefox plugin follow the steps given below:

  •  Make sure you are admin of that Facebook Page. Open Your Facebook Fan Page in full version
  • Click right-side gear button, you will see after SHARE button. In dropdown, Click Invite. Please wait for 10-15 SEC to load all friends list. Now Drag scroller of POP-UP to the end of your all friends name.
  • 2. Copy this Inviter JavaScript code


  1. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser, Press – F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+K, Then paste above Java Script code in Browser Console. 4. HIT ENTERIf you system is little bit slow, your browser may say “not responding,”.
    But don’t worry, Just Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. & Close Console. Wait for inviting all friends to like your fan page. That’s all. Basically, when I tried this trick, my notification was full by saying, this friends has liked your page.


Trick-explained on the top is the easiest way to send invite to all of your friends to like your Facebook Page in single click. I hope you will try both methods on two popular Browsers-Chrome as well as Mozilla and will found this trick helpful. We have tried almost all methods regarding sending invite to all friends to like facebook page, but we have found this Chrome Extension and Mozilla plugin. You can try this method once, and it will work like charm. If you have some issues while following this tutorial, then simply comment below. Please share this trick now from below sharing buttons. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again !

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