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Detecting Keylogger Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips

Best ways to detect keylogger:

Best suited ways to detect keylogger: Keyloggers are very dangerous programs, especially it infects our computers which are connected to the internet and we are not aware of detecting any keylogger installed in your computer. Keyloggers could save all important passwords like twitter,paypal, Liberty Reserve,facebook so and so. One of the most easiest way to hack passwords is by installing a keylogger, its a software (or even worse hardware) that captures the user’s keystrokes (and that means they can see your passwords, credit card data, private conversations, output e-mails…)If you have no idea about keyloggers and how they work you can may like my previous article on Ultimate guide on Monitoring Software: keylogger hacking tutorial . If in any case your computer is been accessed by second person (or even if not) you may want to check whether keylogger is installed or not . But, now there is really an easy way to know. Curious? Don’t worry continue reading this article to detect if there is a keylogger on your computer:

detect keylogger
Methods to find or detect if there is a keylogger installed on your computer

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What will you learn in this Guide?

  • know if you have keylogger on your computer and check for keyloggers on your pc
  • find keylogging software on your computer
  • Find best way to detect keylogger on laptop

In the guide I will teach how to easily find keylogger attacks on the Computer/Pc or laptop if you want to know the types of keyloggers you can refer my last article on it-See how many types of keyloggers are there. Here are a few ways you can use to check if a keylogger is installed on your computer or not

#1 Always use updated Antivirus and/or Anti Spyware software to detect keylogger

detect keylogger
Updated antivirus help to detect if there is a keylogger installed on your computer

Typically a good and updated anti virus software will check whether keylogger is installed or not and will detect commercial keylogger. Keep the Antivirus software up to date and don’t forget to enable advanced detection features for best results to detect if there is a keylogger on your computer (for example check “Potentially unwanted applications” in NOD32). If you want to check your Antivirus Strength have a look on my previous article-How to Check strength of your Updated Anti-Virus

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#2 Detect keylogger using cmd Command Prompt:

Most of those commands are used to automate tasks via scripts and batch files, perform advanced administrative functions, and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of Windows issues. Command Prompt is officially called Windows Command Processor but is also sometimes called the command shell or by its filename cmd.exe.This is the easiest and best way to detect keylogger using cmd Command Prompt.This step will easily teach you how to easily find keylogger attacks on the computer/laptop or PC.

Follow the steps given below to detect a keylogger using MS Dos:

Step 1. Open the start menu and run

Step 2. Type CMD and then enter

Step 3. Type dir at the CMD window

Step 4. press Enter

Step 5. Note Bytes free and remember how many bytes, if it should be noted!

Step 6.  Close the CMD window

Step 7. Open notepad or word, and then we type text which is very much, just a lot really. Write what you like

Step 8. Close notepad or word, but don’t be saved..!

Step 9 Repeat step no: 1,2,3,4,5

Notice bytes free ! if there are many differences bytes free with the first step, the computer you are using is has a keylogger.

Now the main Question arises How Command Prompt CMD detects keylogger?

As we all know Keylogger is a program which record keyboard activity on a computer that works in secret. Therefore keylogger also need space to store the data which is obtained from the activity of the computer keyboard keys. This data can be a data writing or even accompanied by a screenshot or anything that we opened and it is stored by the keylogger in JPEG format or the like.

Thus keylogger needed space on our hard drive, then the keylogger needed space on our hard drive. Difference bytes free on the CMD indicate a storage activity data contained on drive C. In fact we do not do the activity possibility of data storage activities are carried out by the keylogger.

#3. Always try to Use a special Software tool

There are a lot of Anti-keylogger software in market and you may get better results with those. I highly recommend you to use if there is a high possibility to have a keylogger installed. For example I found Cyberhawk to be the only software that detected a custom made keylogger. Kasperky does a good job in this area too. Also check More examples:

#4 Find it yourself :

detect keylogger

If you are a expert or like an advanced user you can try finding keyloggers by using a few inbuilt tools like regedit (registry editor) and/or Process Explorer. It will save you some money but it gets harder and harder to find advanced spyware. You can also try some hot key combination that are used by this kind of software. Examples: Ctrl + Alt + X or Ctrl + Alt + Windows Key + X.

#5 detect keylogger using free Keylogger detection tools

  • PSMAntiKeyLogger
    PSMAntiKeyLogger is a real-time protecting software which protects you against Keyloggers. No scanning is needed and it will identify a keylogger on your computer in easy steps
  • SnoopFree
    Freeware antikeylogger that block hook based keyloggers as well as screen captures but for Windows XP helps to detect a keylogger on my computer.
  • I Hate Keyloggers
    Freeware antikeylogger that block hook based keyloggers and easlily identify a keylogger on your computer
  • KL-Detector
    Freeware on demand keylogger scanner to find a keylogger on my laptop

#6 Detect Keylogger using Task Manager:

Windows Task Manager is an important tool for every Windows user. It can show you why your computer is slow and help you deal with misbehaving and resource-hungry programs. Other than that Task Manager is also helps to detect if there is a keylogger installed on your computer. Follow the steps to Detect Keylogger With Task Manager:

Step#1 Press SHIFT+ALT+DELETE of your keyboard.

Step#2. Select Task Manager from the given options.

Open Task Manager

Step 3. Now a task manager dialog box will open select processes at the top.

select processes in task manager

Step 4. Now scroll down the list and you will see a winlogon.exe process. If there are two such processes  that are with winlogon.exe andWinlogon(1).exe or something unusual running in “.exe” then right click on the second one. And clickend process.

End process

There is one keylogger process out of two Winlogon process, By ending the other process will stop the keylogger program and you will become safe from hackers attack.


There are very dangerous keyloggers in a market which can be detectable only by some professional methods so to stay safe from that keyloggers always use notepad while entering your username and password, this helps not to record any keystroke. First type username and passwords in notepad and then copy paste into your browser.The above post will help you for detection of the keylogger significant as it can come from internet by many software that are downloaded from many unofficial sites.

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