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Send secret messages to bf/gf using QR code

If you live in the India or any other country you might have notice some unusual-looking square boxes appearing in print publications and advertisements and sometime in Malls. These 2D matrix barcodes are called as QR Codes also known as Quick Response Codes. QR Codes are similar to bar codes that currently appear on all types of consumer products, except QR codes can contain much more information than traditional barcodes. QR Codes have been widely used in Japan and Europe in recent years because of sending and receiving secret messages.


You can think QR code as a paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world which is connected to online world. If you are move one step ahead into technology, you might not be so into sending confidential messages in plain text form to the concerned person. What if I tell you that you can change the secret message into a QR code and then use it for message transfer to your most loving Gf/Bf ? If you change the message into a QR code, the non technical people will find it hard to figure out what to do with the QR code that they have got. Most probably, they wouldn’t be willing to go through the pain of understanding what is behind the secret code. So what are you waiting for? Dig into the article to start sending secret messages to your most loving Gf/Bf in a confidential way, but before going this topics lets have a look on How QR Codes Works?

Do you Know?

QR codes were made by Denso Wave, a Japanese manufacturer of automatic data capture equipment. They were created in 1994 to track car parts, but are now being used on everything from concert tickets to street signs to tombstones.

How QR Codes Works?

A Quick Response Codes or QR codes works by simply scanning the code with a mobile device or sometimes by a laptop that is equipped with a camera and QR Code reader application in mobile and software in Laptop. These applications can be downloaded for free on popular smartphone platforms such as iPhone and Android and software can be downloaded in Laptop/Desktop with Cam.

Once the QR Code is scanned using the device’s camera it is translated into actionable information, such as a text message or mobile web page. If you want to read more about QR code you might like this post-What is a QR Code and how does it work

Steps to send secret messages to bf/gf using QR code

Step#1  First of all, go to a QR code generator website. I have used the website QRCode-Generator. Once you are there, select the type of your code. Since I am going to use plain text, I have selected Text Once you are done, hit Next Step button.

Step 1 to Send secret messages using qr code

Step#2 Now you can enter your secret message in the box provided as shown in the screenshot given below. Hit Next Step button once you are ready.

Step 2 to Send secret messages using qr code

Step#3 Now download your QR code in a Zip file and extract the QR code from the Zip file.

Step 3 to Send secret messages using qr code

Step#4 Once it’s all set, your QR code would look like the one shown in the following screenshot.

Step 4 to Send secret messages using qr code

Step#5 Now you can send this QR code to the person whom you want to share your secret message with. For that, simply mail them the QR image or send them the image through any other media. To read the QR image from a desktop screen or elsewhere, they need a QR image reader application. It will be integrated with most of the Android devices. If not with your device, get one from play store. I have used a popular and reliable QR reader named QR Scanner. You can use any QR reader/scanner app of your choice. Ask your friend to read the QR code, that you have sent, with this scanner.

Step 5 to Send secret messages using qr code

Step#6 Viola! Now your friend can read your message keeping its confidence. Your friend can also use the same method to generate a QR code to reply you and you can decode it using an app just as mentioned.

Step 6 to Send secret messages using qr code

So what are waiting for? Now that you have found the perfect way to chat secretly, just try it out and have fun. Share the article with your friends as well. If you feel stuck with any of the steps, feel free to leave comments. We would be happy to help. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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