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About us blacklisthackers

Founded in 2012, blacklisthackers is a popular ‘Internet Technology’ Weblog with loads of Tips & Tricks on Social Media, Ethical hacking , SoftwaresApps and other web culture. The main Objective of blacklisthackers is to Unleash all the myths about Hacking and Security. Blacklisthackers is privately hosted and runs on WordPress platform. The content is copyrighted to the respective author. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Any illegal actions will entail legal action.

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Aarav Singh (Harinder)

Aarav is the founder  of blacklisthackers known for Greatest hacker site in all the land. It performs the Hacking, security assessments and penetration testing. The company is all about Hacking where one learns the basic skill of hacking, security and much more. Aarav is responsible for working with organizations to develop cost-effective and innovative technology solutions to security issues and for evaluating difficulties related to hacking. He has more than 6 years of experience in the Hacking field. He has created more than a dozen IT security training security classes. He has created and performed video which have been uploaded to YouTube giving instructions on many hacking topics, such as Facebook hacking, Email hacking, Security+, and many other. When not consulting, or writing, Aarav enjoys listening to music and enjoys racing with his own RC cars which is being controlled by his smart phone/laptop.



Manish is a professional writer having a wide experience in Script Writing, Article Writing, Analyzing and Editing.He started his carrier as a Script Writer and holds a lot of examples of his creation. He’s also been in a field of Psychology so analyzing people and their creation is one of his favorite skill. He works strictly according to the rules to do his work systematically without any delay. Currently he’s working with the team of blacklisthackers and distributing his knowledge to make this brand on top.

Mail me– simplymanish@live.com

Rahul Niaans

Rahul Niaans

Rahul is one of the pillars of blacklisthackers. He went to college to study civil engg. But found himself attracted to computer science more. As a result he bunked most of his classes to learn more about things related to computer. An all time techie, he loves to explore new trends of hacking and spends most of his time implementing them. Besides being a social networking freak, Rahul enjoys photography and loves watching movies.

Mail Me: rahulniaans@blacklisthackers.com

Aditi Rawat

Aditi Rawat

Aditi joined blacklisthackers as a post editor. She has always been passionate about writing and the enthusiasm she shows is commendable. Her enamoredness has brought her to us as she loves writing hacking related articles.

Mail me- aditi@blacklisthackers.com

James Avilo

James Avilo

James is a video editor who decided to show off his sense of humor by basing an entire site on hacking. Yes, he is a professional video editor. His editing skills are incredible and his love for video editing has brought him here. James spends most of his time making hacking videos. Apart from this, he is a soccer player and likes to read in his leisure time.

Mail me-Jamesavilo@blacklisthackers.com


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