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Detecting Keylogger Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips

Best ways to detect keylogger: Best suited ways to detect keylogger: Keyloggers are very dangerous programs, especially it infects our computers which are connected to the internet and we are not aware of detecting any keylogger installed in your computer. Keyloggers could save all important passwords like twitter,paypal, Liberty Reserve,facebook so and so. One of the Read More

pickup fastest torrent

Apply These Secret Techniques to pickup fastest torrent from torrent sites

How to choose best healthy torrent from torrent sites Questioning  Whats the best way to pickup the fastest torrent? I know most of you are searching for this question to download the fastest torrent, but you can apply some hacks to pickup fastest torrent by the way they are not technical, just some minor tweaks. Well Read More

Wondering how your Computer Antivirus Software Works? Read This!

Mechanism of Computer Antivirus Software How does a computer antivirus software works  (working of computer antivirus)? What is an antivirus and how does it work-An antivirus software is a computer program that detect and identify a virus and can be used to scan files to identify and eliminate computer viruses and other types of malicious software (malware). Most Read More

Password Attack

Most common and popular types of Password Attacks

Most common and popular types of Password Attack Different types of Password Attack: Most of us have heard the warnings about password security and various types of attacks in network security. Never Disclose your Password to anyone- Never ever share your password. Never use the vendor default password (like Admin@123). Never use an easy guessed password (like Read More

What is VPN connection and why VPN is important to use

What is VPN connection Here are three words for you: Virtual Private Network (more commonly referred to as VPN connection). If you’ve never heard of this term before, or aren’t sure about its exact nature in our hacking world, then chances are you’ve never utilized one. A VPN connection is basically a facilitated for several reasons, Read More

How does Trojans and backdoor work and how to prevent these viruses

Most PCs and laptop  are now connected to the world wide web i.e Internet, making easier the spread of malicious software (known as malware), which includes Trojans (also known as trojan horses), viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious or unwanted programs. Things you need to protect your PC/Laptop-Time to turn it into a Read More

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