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How to Transfer Or Send Paytm Cash Without Internet

paytm now in Offline Mode

Avoid problems like cashless or standing in lies outside a bank to withdrawal your money because Cashless Days Are Here with Paytm. Paytm Goes Internet Free For Users Not Having Internet However This Move By Paytm Is A Great Move. As Per What We Interpret See The Person Using Paytm Must Be Having A Smart Phone And Some Piece Of Knowledge as he would be adding money in paytm from Bank .

paytm now in Offline Mode

And See when he is having a smart phone than see Jio Has Already 50 Million Customers That means At least 90% people having paytm would be having Jio And That does not need further explanation . Remaining 10% having paytm must be using internet . Its obvious that anyone using paytm would obviously using Internet . Lets Come Back to topic . As We Swore To Provide you every piece of knowledge so its my duty to tell you the about the new cashless paytm , and How to Send or Transfer Paytm Money Without Internet Connection.

What Is Paytm ?
downloadPaytm is an Indian e-commerce website headquartered in Noida, India. It was launched in 2010 and adds to the industry of FinTech in India. It is owned by One by 97 Communications.
The firm started by offering mobile recharging, adding bill payment and e-commerce, with products similar to businesses such as Flipkart,, Snapdeal.
In 2015, it further added booking bus travel. Paytm also launched movie ticket booking by partnering with Cinépolis in the year 2016.

Paytm Go Cashless- How to Transfer Paytm Cash Without Internet?


You Would Be Going Cashless Through Paytm When You Have Balance In Paytm.

At First You Have To Set M-Pin For Secure Paytm Transactions Without Internet.

For Setting M-Pin do these steps:

  1. Open Your Phone Dial Pad And Dial This Number 1800 1800 1234
  2. Now When Call Gets Connected It Will Be Disconnected Within 5 seconds .
  3. Now You WouldReceive A CallWithin 2 Minutes(Max Time) .
  4. Select1 For Hindi 2 For English
  5. NowEnter Your 4 digit PinWhich you will need to authenticate your further transactions .
  6. Select 1To Confirm .
  7. Disconnect The Call .

Paytm- Steps for How To Send Money Without Internet ?

  1. Open Dialpad and Dial The Number 1800 1800 1234
  2. Enter The Mobile No. You Want To Send
  3. Enter The Amount You Want To Send .
  4. Enter Your M-Pin Which You Registered Earlier .
  5. Voilaa Your Transaction Is Successful.

 Conclusion :

Paytm is the new tradition of the world these days and its easy to spend days without having the money in your pockets or to do the withdrawl from the bank, Paytm can be used at every type of spending. So, this is The New Initiative by paytm As They Have Launched A Number to Transfer / Send Paytm Cash From One Account to Another Without Needing Any Internet Connection.

So, We Have Personally Tried This Paytm Offline Transaction Method And feels Bit Lenghthy as We are Habitual Of Using Paytm Wallet App For Instant Transfer. Still, it will Benefit For Those, Not having Internet Connection Due To Some Reasons Like Network Problems.

For Others Paytm Wallet App is Still Best Way

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