List of 10 common computer errors


A error is nothing but a  deviation from accuracy or correctness or a mistake, as in action or speech. As you all know there are several errors in a computer from the point you open it upto the point you reach the stand by window ( reaching standby windows means boot process has no error)…Read more>>



Website Cetrificate ERROR-Facebook opens in a weird form

Mozilla-firefoxA websites’s certificate provides identification of the web server. If the certificate has an error, it might indicate that your connection has been intercepted or that the web server is misrepresenting its identity. Website certificate error is a very common problem that occurs…Read more>>



How to remove shortcut virus from computer

remove shortcut virus from computerDoes your pendrive or pc contain any virus, virus which can not be deleted by any antivirus? All the folder in pendrive become shortcut due to virus, how can you fix it and restore data?…Read more>>



Wi-fi Authentication Error in Android (Fixed) Working

Wi-fi Authentication Error in AndroidGoogle shows tons of people with authentication errors on android tablet wifi connections but no solutions. All across the web people are saying they have…Read more>>



Task Manager Disable(Solved)

task managerSome time ago I received an email from a reader curious why their Task Manager option was grayed out on the taskbar right-click menu. After a bit of research his problem was solved, and now I’m sharing the solution with everybody…Read More>>



Common Windows 7 Problem [Solved]

windows 7 problemsWindows 7 may seem to be nothing more than some polish applied liberally to the Vista Aero theme, make no mistake: this is a full replacement operating system, and more than just “Vista done right.” From driver support to multitouch groundwork…Read more>>


Windows 8 Error Fixed: No device Drivers were found

w8This is a very rare problem that some users face during the installation of Microsoft Windows 8 During the installation of windows 8 you might face an error something like this ” No device drivers were found…Read more>>


Bypass Captcha Verification in Chrome, Firefox (solved)

Bypass Captcha VerificationSome web services uses Captcha image verification to restrict entry to bots for improving the security and automated registrations. But sometimes these Captcha codes become hard to…Read more>>