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Wondering how your Computer Antivirus Software Works? Read This!

Mechanism of Computer Antivirus Software How does a computer antivirus software works  (working of computer antivirus)? What is an antivirus and how does it work-An antivirus software is a computer program that detect and identify a virus and can be used to scan files to identify and eliminate computer viruses and other types of malicious software (malware). Most Read More

Make A Virus to Disable Mouse/Keyboard/USB using BatchFile

Make a virus to disable mouse, disable Keyboard, disable all usb ports using batch file in One Click What is batch file in computer? Disable mouse-Disable keyboard-Disable all USB Ports:  Batch files allow Microsoft Windows users to create a lists of commands to run in sequence once the batch file has been executed. They are Read More

What are Spam Email/ Filter and how do they work in Gmail

This is the million dollar question, and here by now i am explaining what are spam email and how spam filter works?Why its so obvious that majority of people switched to Gmail rather than choosing other email services (yahoo,live), back when it was launched Gmail offered superior spam fighting capability, other than 1GB of Free Storage. Read More

How does Trojans and backdoor work and how to prevent these viruses

Most PCs and laptop  are now connected to the world wide web i.e Internet, making easier the spread of malicious software (known as malware), which includes Trojans (also known as trojan horses), viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious or unwanted programs. Things you need to protect your PC/Laptop-Time to turn it into a Read More

What is a QR Code and how does it work

What is a QR Code?   When time passes technology got improved you’ll see bar codes like the one above. Actually, it’s not a bar code. It’s called a QR code, and it’s used as a shortcut to link to content online using your phone’s camera, saving you from typing lengthy addresses into your mobile browser. Read More

Use trial software forever without activation

Use trial software forever without activation-Run trial Software for Lifetime In this post I’ll show you how to “hack” a Software and use trial software forever without activation. Most of us are familiar with many software’s that run only for a specified period of time in the trial mode. Once the trial period is expired Read More

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