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Send secret messages to bf/gf using QR code

If you live in the India or any other country you might have notice some unusual-looking square boxes appearing in print publications and advertisements and sometime in Malls. These 2D matrix barcodes are called as QR Codes also known as Quick Response Codes. QR Codes are similar to bar codes that currently appear on all types of consumer products, except QR codes Read More

Tips to improve Battery Life of your laptop

Laptops come with loads of built in features which contribute in draining it’s battery life. The more the programs running in your laptop, the more does it consume its battery. You can make your laptop run longer on its battery by turning off or reduce all the things that expend power in your computer. If you Read More

Apply These 13 Secret Tips To Improve Computer Security

Secure personal computer from hackers,virus and attacks Secure personal computer: Before accessing through the internet and start looking for dates, it is importantly essential to ensure that your personal computer you use is 100% secure and safe and is not vulnerable to hackers or any sorts of virus attacks. You should also take all the necessary Read More

Best ways to secure WiFi connection network at your home

Wireless Security: Best ways to secure WiFi connection network at your home Wifi (also knows as Widelity fidelity) is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wireless (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high speed internet connections. It has made quite easy for us to use and share Internet on Read More

FREE data recovery software

Recover Accidentally Deleted Data using FREE data recovery software-Direct Link

List of FREE data recovery software [Recommended Tools for every PC/Laptop]-Direct Link Free data recovery software : It is a habit of deleting files by pressing Shift button so that the files directly deleted from the PC without going in Recycle bin, but sometimes it is a mistake. Many files accidentally deleted and then you Read More

Top proven ways to Boost data transfer rate in Pendrive

Top 10 Proven ways to Boost data transfer rate in Pendrive

Top 10 Proven ways to Boost data transfer rate in Pendrive: Speed Up USB data transfer rate A USB drive or Pen Drive is a little versatile storage device that is used in every industry and are quite popular in the digital world. Surprisingly despite its popularity and ease of use, the common USB flash drive Read More

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