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transfer large files from laptop to laptop

Transfer large files between two Laptops at Supersonic Speed

Ways to transfer data from one Laptop to another Laptop: Do you want to transfer a large files from one laptop to laptop with/without using pen drive or connecting cables? Or you wanted to transfer large data from one Computer to another Computer? Obviously this can be done in many ways such as using electronic transfer Read More

Hack mobile WiFi hotspot Password

How to Crack/Hack mobile WiFi hotspot Password using Windows 7- (Tested)

Hack mobile WiFi hotspot Password using Windows 7- (Tested) Hack mobile WiFi hotspot Password WPA2 psk : Accessing to the Wi-Fi hotspot Network is one of the most common ways to connect to the Internet on your Laptop. And ultimately this Internet Connection has become a major part of our daily life but what actually Read More

change processor name

Take Advantage Of Changing to i11 Processor In System Properties

Apply These Secret Techniques To Change Processor Name to i12 In System Properties Change processor name: A laptop or computer processing speed strongly affects its overall performance. The speed of a processor in a contemporary computer is about four million times faster than the earliest chips from the 1970s. A faster processor performs simple tasks more Read More

watch torrent movies online without downloading blacklisthackers

Watch torrent movies online without downloading it in Windows 7/8/10 and in Smartphones

Watch torrent movies online without downloading – Windows 7/8/10 and in Android Smartphones Torrent are the most popular as well as powerful tool for downloading Bollywood ,Hollywood, Lollywood movies and other videos. You can search your favorite movies using the various torrent search sites and enjoy watching top rated movies at the convenience of your home. But the problem with Read More

Top 7 effective ways to bypass Windows 7 login password

Forgot Windows 7 password? Most of the people lost their Windows 7 password on there laptop/pc and they don’t have any idea to bypass windows 7 password and how they would restore. Did you ever Search for “forgot windows 7 password login details” in Google? Well most of the people didn’t find any solution for Read More

Are You Embarrassed By Your How To Spoof Your Mac Address Skills? Here’s What To Do

Hey guys, so today I am making this tutorial on something I find very useful but can hardly find any tutorials on (Windows). Well to start off with, your mac address is hard coded, meaning it can’t be changed. However, you can spoof your Mac Address  in order to change your computer’s identity for reasons Read More

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